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Britney Spears is not known for being a comedian.

This is not a very bold statement, we know.

Remember just a few weeks ago when Spears appeared on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden?

The artist herself admitted the interaction was a bit "awkward" and it came across that way at camera at times.

And the same can be said in the video below, which features Spears and Ellen DeGeneres making their way around a shopping mall.

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But Ellen takes control in this case, simply telling Spears to take whatever she wants and to do whatever she wants because she’s a celebrity.

That’s the theme of the entire clip below – and it’s hilarious!

At one point, Spears and DeGeneres go up a down escalator, freaking the singer out big time.

In another scene, Britney gets a "100 percent discount" on a Hugo Boss suit because, like we said, she’s a celebrity.

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Later on, the talk show host and pop singer come across a group of kids and their parents.

They all gather around and Ellen passes along the most important advice she can think of: audition early, focus solely on wealth and fame.


You can see Speaars squirming while DeGeneres actually utters these words to a bunch of kids.

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Then, the pair stop by for some Ben & Jerry’s, with Ellen choosing to eat ONLY rainbow sprinkles, which she later admits was a mistake.

From there, the trip ended in Pottery Barn.

“We’re like zoo animals in here,” Ellen says as they eat at a big fancy table and pedestrians stroll by, snapping pictures.

The trip ends with Britney and Ellen taking a nap in bed.

It’s all pretty fantastic, thanks to Ellen.

We mean no offense by that, Brit. DeGeneres is a lot funnier than we are, too. She’s a lot funnier than most people on the planet.

Check out the segment now: