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Controversy over the Confederate Flag has resulted in TV Land yanking reruns of a classic series off the air.

Ever since Dylann Roof allegedly killed nine African-Americans inside a Charleston church, debate has raged around the country over whether or not that state (or any state) ought to sponsor the flying of this flag.

Whoopi Goldberg has compared it to a Swastika, while many Internet users were aghast over Confederate Flag parade taking place in Georgia.

TV Land, meanwhile, pulled all reruns of the 1980’s series from its schedule on Tuesday, just one week after Warner Bros. "elected to cease the licensing" of replicas and models of the show’s iconic, Confederate flag-laden car, the General Lee.

How is former star John Schneider taking this news? Not too well, based on the video he posted to Facebook.

"Do I think taking Dukes off TV Land is silly? Yeah, of course I do. Silly maybe is not the right word. Do I think it’s an error?" he asked in the footage above.

"Yes, I think it’s an error because Dukes of Hazzard was maybe one of the most beloved shows ever…and now it’s being cast in a terrible light that does not deserve. K?

"Alright, I’m not talking about the flag, I’m talking about the Dukes of Hazzard."

Watch the full video now and react to this decision by TV Land.