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As you’re probably aware, Donald Trump is no fan of women.

For the most part, the feeling is mutual, which isn’t all that surprising when you remember that the guy recently advocated for women who get abortions to be punished by the government.

But there are some women who are actually fans of the Donald.

In addition to the millions who have showed up to the polls to earn him a baffling first-place spot in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, there are Trump’s own ex-wives and daughters, some of whom think he’s just the bee’s knees.

One of those women is Tiffany Trump, Donald’s only child from his short-lived marriage to Marla Maples.

There have been rumors about Donald "hiding" Tiffany during his campaign, possibly because she’s not as "accomplished" as his other kids.

There was a time, however, when Donald was very, very proud of his youngest daughter.

And like everything Trump does, it was gross.

In the following segment from last night’s episode of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah introduces a lost segment from a 1994 episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

We’re guessing Donald wishes it had stayed buried. Check out the clip below if you haven’t eaten recently: