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Donald Trump has taken a break from insulting Hillary Clinton’s hair.

He’s stopped threatening a Starbucks boycott for a few moments.

He’s even giving the anti-Muslim rhetoric a breather, at least for about nine minutes.

Because that’s how long Trump took this week in Iowa to focus on Republican rival Ben Carson, who has surged to the lead in some Presidential polls and who has therefore earned Trump’s wrath as a result.

In his autobiography, "Gifted Hands," the neurosuregon describes his past as a troubled youth, writing that he had a temper that led him to attack a number of his friends and even his mother, prior to turning his life around.

Trump honed in on the word Carson used to describe himself back in the day (pathological) and pounced… like only Donald Trump can.

"If you’re pathological there’s no cure for that folks… if you’re a child molester, a sick puppy, you’re a child molester, there’s no cure for that," he said.

"There’s only one cure, we don’t to talk about that cure. That’s the ultimate cure. No there’s two, there’s death and there’s the other thing. 

"But if you’re a child molester there’s no cure, they can’t stop you. Pathological, there’s no cure. Now he said he was pathological, okay."

You really need to watch this video. Trump also goes off on how he would bomb ISIS and acts especially unhinged.

Yes, even for Donald Trump. Now there’s a scary thought, right?!?