Demi Lovato Apologizes For Beefing With Frozen Yogurt Joint She Claimed "Triggered" Her

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Sometimes, even the best and most well-meaning celebrities make mistakes.

Recently, Demi Lovato has had a lot of valuable things to say about her recovery from disordered eating.

This same journey has regrettably led her to be on the wrong side of a feud with a local frozen yogurt shop.

Though some of Demi's points are sound, she is very correctly walking back some of her statements.

Demi Lovato Wants to Get The Messaging Right

Okay, so how did this start? With a sign offering "guilt-free" treats.

Demi is still in recovery from years and years of disordered eating.

Walking past arrays of food labeled "sugar free" and "guilt free" felt like walking through a minefield.

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This is because disordered eating is not just a pattern of behavior; it is a mental illness.

Imagine someone walking through a haunted house at a carnival, screaming as things jump out at them.

Now imagine that instead of masks and props, those things are messages that -- to the individual -- tell them to starve themselves and purge.

Demi Lovato Expresses Herself

So that is what Demi was experiencing navigating her way to order frozen yogurt.

With that in mind, she took to social media with a series of Instagram Stories.

For advertising "guilt free" treats, Demi labeled the shop "diet culture vultures."

Demi Lovato vs yogurt shop saga 02 of 04

It's certainly true that if you feel "guilt" after eating something, you've probably internalized some harmful ideas.

(Unless it's over the ethics of the business that sells the food, like some homophobic chain that sells brined chicken)

To Demi, it looked like these "sugar free" cookies and related items were intended to prey upon vulnerable people's already disordered habits.

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However, Demi was raked across the coals on social media.

Why? Because sugar free cookies primarily exist to be eaten by diabetics.

Some of the other snacks at which she took aim were gluten-free or vegan options.

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To be blunt, Demi's railing against the frozen yogurt shop smacked of her privilege.

She has been through many hardships, but there are still challenges that she does not face.

How many people with diabetes or food sensitivities or other restrictions rejoiced at seeing food specifically for them offered?

Demi Lovato Speaks About Her Darkest Moments

Demi heard the backlash loud and clear, and made a video to address it.

Speaking on Instagram, she expressed her regret over letting her emotions on the issue mix up her messaging.

Demi hopes to work with the frozen yogurt shop to smooth things out.

"When I messaged this froyo place, originally I wanted to make a point," Demi explained.

"And," she noted, "I wanted to call out behaviors or branding things that didn't sit right with me."

Demi also highlighted that frozen yogurt is a complicated treat for her, given her history.

Demi Lovato In 2021

"As someone who deals with an eating disorder and is in recovery from an eating disorder," Demi stated.

"I still to this day have a hard time walking into a froyo shop, ordering yogurt," she added.

"And being content with it and keeping it down," Demi explained, referring to bulimia.

Demi Lovato Documentary

"I know that seems like not a huge deal to a lot of people, but to me it is," Demi explained.

""I didn't know that," she then said of how the treats were for people with specific dietary restrictions.

"Because it wasn't clear, I definitely jumped to conclusions," Demi acknowledged.

Demi Lovato for Glamour, May 2021

Demi acknowledged that she "probably shouldn't have gone about this the way that I have."

"But I'm willing to talk to this froyo shop to help get the messaging right." 

Demi then delved into what makes overcoming an eating disorder trickier than her sobriety.

Demi Lovato Grammy Pic

"The thing about overcoming my addictions, my drug addictions," Demi explained.

She pointed out: "I can walk away from that and never touch it again for the rest of my life."

When it comes to drugs, Demi affirmed: "I don't ever have to do that."

Demi Lovato Fabletics

"But I have to eat three times a day," Demi pointed out.

"This is something that will be with me for the rest of my life," she lamented.

That is a chilling thought, and applies to other disordered habits and destructive compulsions.

Demi Lovato's Face

"I left that yogurt store and didn't get the yogurt that I wanted," Demi said.

"And then I had a hard time the rest of the weekend," she shared, "to be totally transparent."

While Demi's message was off, we absolutely feel for her in her struggle.

Demi Lovato Embraces Her Busty Figure

Demi was right about one part of this, though.

There is no reason for any food to be labeled "guilt free," because that implies that people should feel guilty for some foods.

Unless we just start labeling all food "guilt free," because, you know, f--k guilt.

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