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"My hair is in rollers, I don’t have a bra on, I have a huge legal issue going on!" – Abby Lee Miller, setting the epic stage for Dance Moms’ return.

Season 6, which kicks off January 5, will be as crazy as ever – and if you watch Dance Moms online, you know that’s saying plenty at this point.

In the super trailer below, Miller is seen yelling at some poor soul on the other line. "I’m finished!" Abby declares, and oh, if only we were so lucky.

This legal issue is a big ass deal, too. Not like when she attempted to eat Kelly Hyland’s face – brutal as that was. We are talking federal charges.

In a federal indictment, the Lifetime firebrand is accused of concealing more than $750,000 in income and assets when Miller filed for bankruptcy.

She has pleaded not guilty and her attorney says she is filing to delay proceedings, while at the same time powering through obstacles she faces.

"My parents taught me, ‘Hey, you go back in there tomorrow and you put your chin up in the air and do this,’" Miller told ET in an interview.

"That and the other thing and you ignore those people."

Yes. Because Abby Lee is so good at turning the other cheek. In any case, do you think she’ll be able to pull it together for the sake of her girls?

If last season is any indication, the outlook is hazy.

Her championship days may be behind her, as she’s both a hot mess and a reality star with delusions of grandeur, trying to juggle too much.

But hey, we’ll probably see Abby Lee topless and screaming at least once, and Miller losing means flipping her s–t, so really, it’s a net win.