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Last week, following the release of the latest Force Awakens trailer, a bunch of racist lunatics started a Twitter campaign in which they urged people to boycott Star Wars Episode VII.

Why? Because they’re racist lunatics, basically. Not much more needs to be said on the matter.

Incredibly, however, this was only the second strangest event to take place over the last few days concerning the Star Wars universe.

A man dressed as Chewbacca learned on Sunday in the Ukraine that it does not pay to align oneself with the Dark Side, as he was arrested for violating a local law that forbids campaigning on Election Day. 

Just who was he campaigning for? Darth Vader.

The nerve, right?!?

As you can see in this amazing picture, the iconic Wookie even appeared in court, looking just a lot worse for the wear after being handcuffed and taken into custody.

In the end, Chewbacca was fined the equivalent of $7.50, telling reporters afterward that he was unable to pay "as his funds are an intergalactic bank that has no branches on this planet."

For the record, Darth Vader was actually the legal name of a candidate for mayor in Odessa, as part of the country’s Internet Party, which has a stories history of campaigns themed to "Star Wars," including multiple candidates for various offices named Darth Vader.

That’s part awesome and part really, really, REALLY weird.