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Catelynn Lowell has found herself in the news lately, which is good — yay, publicity!

Unfortunately, the reason she’s been in the news is because she pretended to be pregnant before posting a fake ultrasound photo, which upset many of her fans — boo, lies!

Earlier this month, she tweeted at her husband and fellow Teen Mom OG star, Tyler Baltierra, that she was "ready for another baby."

Catelynn Lowell Fake Ultrasound
Photo via Instagram

Tyler agreed, and then a little bit later, Catelynn hopped over to Instagram and shared the image above.

It bothered a lot of people because for one, the whole reason Catelynn is famous is because she got pregnant at 16. That means that her fans are invested in her uterus, and she shouldn’t toy with that.

Another issue is that people as a whole are getting over pregnancy jokes, because infertility is tough and dumb social media posts don’t make it easier.

But now, in a new interview, Catelynn is explaining what really happened with that whole mess. And it’s just as confusing as ever.

She says that she shared the fake ultrasound in the first place because she was tired of hearing pregnancy rumors about herself.

"Quit f-cking with me and I won’t do it again," she advises her followers.

Catelynn Lowell with Tyler Baltierra Photo
Photo via Instagram

She adds that while she would love to be pregnant again, her struggle with postpartum depression makes the idea of having another child a little scary.

However, she’s talked about the issue with her counselor, who’s advised her to come up with a strong plan for her next pregnancy, so that if she does suffer from postpartum depression again, she and her family can catch it quicker.

The idea of having a game plan is a comfort for sure, she says, but she’s still scared.

And that all makes sense, right?

But then she’s asked which OG mom is going to be the next to have a baby, and, without one single doubt, she says it will be her.

Catelynn Lowell Purple Hair
Photo via Instagram

"Tyler won’t even know," she says. "I’ll make him wait and surprise him, and I’ll do another gender reveal …"

So which is it, Catelynn?! If you’re not going to have another baby for a while, then why do you have all these plans?

So maybe she’s pregnant, maybe she’s not (OK, probably she’s not). Maybe she’s planning on being pregnant soon.

No matter what, we’re eating out of the palm of her hand, so she’s already winning at life if you think about it.

See Catelynn’s pregnancy thoughts in the interview below: