Cars 3 Trailer: Is Lightning McQueen Dead?!?

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Cars 3 is coming to a theater near you ... with a twist.

A grim, dark twist very unexpected for the franchise.

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The trailer portrays the main character of the series, cocky but affable race car Lightning McQueen, spinning out in the middle of a race.

A slow-motion shot of McQueen busting into a cloud of wreckage, follows, and just before he hits ground, an ominous new tagline appears:

"From this moment, everything will change."

One of Disney and Pixar's most commercially successful franchises, Cars is as merchandise-friendly and light-hearted as they come.

What it is not, though, is ... particularly deep.

Whereas some Pixar films are known for emotionally complex and moving storylines, as well as their animation, Cars isn't among them.

Perhaps with Disney's first look at Cars 3 - a sequel to Cars (2006) and Cars 2 (2011) - we are seeing hints that this may soon change.

The original film featured brash Lightning stuck in the small town of Radiator Springs where he learned humbling lessons in life and love.

The first sequel centered more on dim-witted but lovable Mater the Tow Truck being mistaken for an international super spy. Obviously.

Owen Wilson will reprise his leading voice role as McQueen in the three-quel, while Larry the Cable Guy is on board as Mater again.

Check out the Cars 3 teaser and join us in wondering: 

Might Lightning McQueen be a goner?!?

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