Carrie Underwood Breaks Down During Tribute to Shooting Victims

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At the beginning of October, the Last Vegas shooting claimed 59 lives and left hundreds more wounded.

Many of the victims were Country music fans, as they had been attending a concert. It's only fitting that the Country Music Association Awards acknowledge the terrible loss, over a month later.

As you'll see in the beautiful tribute video below, Carrie Underwood had a little trouble keeping it together while honoring the fallen. Can you blame her?

Carrie Underwood Pays Tribute

Before we get into the sad stuff (again, this shooting may feel like it was months ago, but it was at the beginning of October), let's talk about something else that's still very on-topic.

Now, obviously, the Country Music Association Awards are a big deal and a major event within the world of Country Music.

So of course Carrie Underwood wanted to look her best.

But did she really need to, as the youths say, snatch us bald like this?

Just look at how wildly, aggressively stunning she looks!

Carrie Underwood at CMAs

We're going to be haunted (in a great way) by this photo for a while. It's hard to get over such a stunning look.

Carrie Underwood actually sported a number of looks during the Country Music Association Awards, wearing white during her performance.

Standing alongside Brad Paisley, Carrie wore a strunning, deep red (pretty much a burgundy) that covered a lot but still looked amazing.

No look -- of hers or anyone else's -- could top her shoulder-baring cobalt dress. She looked like a work of art.

Tastefully, she chose her least distracting outfit for her tribute performance, as you'll see in the video below.

(We say tastefully not because there's anything wrong with looking your best, but because a tribute performance is, well, not about you)

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, 2017 CMAs

Speaking at the even in Nashville, Carrie Underwood spoke to the crowd and to the audience at home:

"This has been a year marked by tragedy impacting countless lives including so many in our country music family."

Every family was impacted, but Country was certainly included, as so many of the Las Vegas shooting victims were Jason Aldean fans.

"So, tonight we're gonna do what families do: come together, pray together, and cry together, too."

That's not universal for families, but it's a beautiful sentiment.

Carrie performed a song titled "Softly and Tenderly," and her vocals were incredible -- but she didn't showboat at all. Again, she knows that this is all about the victims.

Carrie Underwood Looking Her Best

It is also important to note that the Las Vegas shooting victims were not the only victims being honored.

Storms have ravaged multiple cities in 2017, with record-breaking hurricanes causing untold devastation.

Parts of the US, including Houston and Puerto Rico, have yet to fully recover from the devastation.

It will take these communities and families much longer to recover from the loss of life.

Carrie clearly couldn't help but think about all of this as she performed, which is why she nearly lost her professional composure in this video.

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