Carmen Nys Says that Aaron Carter is Lying

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Lots of people get dragged into unwanted drama, but rarely like this.

During a rant that lasted for dozens of tweets, Aaron Carter had a lot to say.

He shared that he found out that his fiancee, Melanie Martin, had been in secret communication with his estranged family.

This betrayal was a dealbreaker from Aaron.

Heartbroken, his tweets lashed out at his estranged relatives, recounting the wrongs of recent years.

He also made a surprising claim about Melanie's plans.

Melanie, having had an emergency C-section to welcome the couple's child just last week, had allegedly told him that she planned to move.

Where? To Las Vegas.

With whom? According to Aaron, she planned to move in with "Carmen from 90 Day Fiance."

Carmen Nys was featured on the franchise as a friend of series legend Larissa Lima, with whom she has since had a falling out.

In a video, Carmen confirms her friendship with Melanie ... but that's all.

She says that she spoke to Melanie just the day before, but that there was no talk of moving into her house.

Check out this video and hear Carmen's rebuttal for yourself.

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