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Caitlyn Jenner tried on a swimsuit for the first time on last night’s I Am Cait Season 1 Episode 3. As you might expect, it was not easy for her.

For the former Bruce Jenner, so many bigger issues paled in comparison to the pressure of wearing a woman’s swimsuit in public for the first time.

Cait and friend Jen Richards picked out some options. She said, "That’s a one piece, this is a two-piece right here. We’ll lay them out on the bed."

When Jen suggests one in particular, Caitlyn mentions Kim Kardashian.

"I love my daughter to death, Kimberly, but this is kind of one that Kimberly would wear, do you know what I’m saying?" Jenner responds.

"It’s probably a little more revealing in the cleavage department."

A producer then asks if she has anxiety about doing this.

"Putting on that bathing suit represents a lot to me," Caitlyn confesses. "Kind of scary because, you know, you’re exposing yourself."

"I’m about as nervous as can possibly be right now."

Fortunately, she gets over it. Watch the above clip from last night’s I Am Cait episode and see her friends’ reaction when she gets in the pool.