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I Am Cait is about to go out with a bang.

Or at least with a kiss.

In the following sneak peek from Sunday’s I Am Cait Season 2 finale, Ella Giselle tells her group of friends that she’ll only sing to them if Caitlyn Jenner and Candis Cayne kiss.

That may me blackmail, but it’s blackmail that Caitlyn and Candis are willing to consider.

"If you two kiss on the lips, she’ll sing," Courtney says to them them. "You might as well use your lips, both of you have gorgeous lips, just like smack them together a little."

It’s a simple enough request, right?

"It’s like a friendship cuddle, a lip snuggle," Ella adds. "Think of it as like a dare, a fun, friendly dare."

Cue Caitlyn turning to Candis and cue some hot first base action!

Prepare to watch I Am Cait online or on television next week to see where this goes… and check out the hot clip now: