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Well, Bryan Cranston just won Comic-Con. Again.

In 2013, the Breaking Bad star actually walked around the San Diego Convention Center in a Walter White mask, making attendees simply think he was a regular fan in costume.

This time around, the former Breaking Bad star was taking part in a Conversations for a Cause panel at Nerd HQ when a fan from Albuquerque asked about the actor’s experience filming his AMC show there.

"My question is — because I grew up in Albuquerque — was there any cool places, anything that you liked being there? How was it?" the fan inquired.

"It’s my hometown, so I want to know. How’d you like it? Did you have fun there?"

Without missing a beat, Cranston replied:

"Yeah, I’d go and visit your mother once in a while."


At that, the crowd went wild and Cranston literally dropped his microphone. Amazing.