Britney Spears: Wanna Watch Me Work Out? Of Course You Do!

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Have you ever wondered how Britney keeps her absolutely legendary figure? Because there's more to it than genetics and her incomparable performances.

Britney's had a couple of weeks off, and she shared a video of exactly how she keeps hot and healthy when she's not on tour. We've seen workout pics before, but they don't measure up to this video.

Her exercise video, complete with music, contains of her workouts at multiple venues during her time off. And it's really, really worth watching.

Britney Spears Works Out

First of all, before you watch the video, just a little warning:

In a few frames, Britney's workout clothes look like they're having a little trouble containing her boobs.

She doesn't pop out of her top or have a nip-slip or anything.

(Thankfully, or Instagram would have pulled the video immediately)

But she looks stunning in every shot.

Mostly, she's not pushing herself with a rapid run or taking her body to its limits with weight training.

Sensibly, Britney is just keeping active and fit and flexible.

Instead of acting like she has something to prove, she's just showing how she maintains her flawless figure.

Because apparently being one of the greatest singers in the world just isn't enough.

Britney Workout 02

We also see Britney doing yoga.

From a distance, we see her holding Cobra pose.

We then see her transition into Pose of a Child.

Yoga can be an incredible contributor to wellness.

(Some people irritatingly think that it can be a substitute for prescription medication and try to push it on, like, people who are depressed. Please don't do that. Let your depressed or bipolar or whatever family members take their medicine.)

Yoga isn't just relaxing, though.

Some say that yoga helps you to resist aging -- we don't know how true that is, but Britney seems ageless enough.

It can help with flexibility -- and, as you'll see in the video and in one of our photos below, it's really paying off for Britney.

It can also really help with strength, particularly with core strength.

That's how you get to be able to do something like this:

Britney Workout 03

Britney's hotness clearly transcends time.

And her music continues to amaze.

If you're ever feeling down or miserable or angry at your existence, think of things this way:

Humanity's been around for thousands of generations.

But you were born at such a time that you could exist on this Earth at the same time as Britney Spears.

That's a blessed existence.

Thinking that way can really change your perspective on things.

Britney Workout 04

So, as you'll see in the video, Britney just ... repeatedly kicks her foot over her head.

Like it's a normal thing that people can just do.

For the record, it isn't.

(I just checked -- I can kick my foot about as high as my shoulder at the very highest. I'm 6-foot-4, so that's pretty high relative to other people, but for me to get my foot above my head, you'd have to just cut my hamstrings entirely. Please do not cut my hamstrings)

Britney is intensely flexible, of course.

Between her extravagant dancing while on stage and her personal fitness routines that she's showing to us now, it's pretty clear why.

Britney Workout 05

If you're looking for a late start on working on your summer bod, you might want to follow this video's example.

Like, don't get us wrong -- there's no wrong way to have a summer body.

We're major fans of that birdsrightsactivist tweet: "I been working on my summer bod: it the same as my regular body, but this time more popsackles in it."

That's the right attitude to have.

But if you want to tone your flesh prison while it's still summer and you still have the opportunity to bare some of your skin-meat to show off, Britney may be showing you the way.

Through Britney, all things are possible.

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