Britney Spears Rants In a Bikini, Covers Tattoo, Leaves Fans Concerned

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For several months now, Britney Spears' Instagram posts have been creating concern among fans.

It's a stressful time for Britney, as the singer is involved in a legal battle against her father, and at stake is nothing less than her freedom.

Britney Looks Tired

Spears has been controlled by a conservatorship for most of her adult life -- ever since she suffered her infamous "meltdown" and shaved her head back in 2007.

Now, it seems she's simultaneously fighting for her freedom and enduring another episode related to her mental health.

And the efforts from her team to keep the situation under wraps are, ironically, alerting more people to Britney's instability.

Britney's Day In Court

Several times in recent weeks, Spears has addressed her followers in brief Instagram videos in which she seems to be reading from a script.

The last one led to comments that Britney is behaving in a manic fashion and seems to be making the videos against her will.

Spears' latest video is no different, in that the singer once again appears disheveled and eager to get off camera.

Britney In Snakeskin

"So, this is the exact same bathing suit I wore like three days ago to the beach, but I said hey, why not give it another shot," Britney, clad in a faux-snakeskin bikini, tells the camera.

"But, while I'm at it...I just wanted to let you guys know the five most important things that you need to bring when you go to the beach," the singer continues.

"A towel, oil, sunscreen, a dog, and a hat."

Britney Rocks a Bikini

After enumerating the items one needs for a day at the beach, Britney curiously says, "I'm going to go to my jacuzzi now," and walks off camera.

Like so many of her recent clips, this one seems to be an attempt at humor that missed the mark.

Fans were quick to point out that Spears was wearing a white bandage on her wrist, seemingly in an effort to cover the dice tattoo she got as a tribute to ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Britney Models

"Something isn't right. Someone must be scripting her because she sounds very unnatural and very ... childlike," one fan commented.

"The wristband makes me uneasy," another wrote.

"This is not all," a third chimed in.

Britney Spears is Very Short

Also creating concern is a recent video in which Spears gyrates in skimpy attire to the tune of Madonna's 1990 hit “Justify My Love.”

This one seemed less coerced than the other, but Britney's unusual attire and dance moves left many of her Instagram followers concerned for her well-being.

"Someone has got to be drugging her," one person wrote.

Brit dances

"This is terrifying," another commented.

"This is painful to watch," a third remarked.

One fan seemed to speak for millions of Britney fans when she offered a simple statement of concern:

Brit dances 2

"Please let us know how we can best support you during this time," she wrote.

No doubt many fans are feeling frustrated from watching their favorite pop icon endure such a difficult time in the public eye, especially since it seems as though Britney is not getting the help she needs.

All we can do is hope that there's someone in Spears' corner who truly has her best interests at heart.

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