Britney Spears Begs Haters: Please Stop Trolling Me!

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As if Britney Spears' work to guard her kids from her awful dad weren't taxing enough, some nasty trolls are making her life even harder.

Britney shared a sweet and inclusive holiday message, but combined it with a very gentle suggestion that trolls should f--k right off.

Britney Spears is Filled with Cheer

"Guys, this is what my Christmas tree looks like this year," the incomparable Britney Spears announces 

Fans and followers are then treated to a look at her ginormous, fully decorated and illuminated tree.

Britney of course goes all out for any holiday, and Christmas is no exception.

Her post isn't only about Christmas, however. She has a very inclusive message for her followers.

britney spears tree 2019

"Happy holidays friends !!!!" Britney writes.

There are a lot of religious holidays over the next few weeks, not to mention New Year's Eve and Day.

She expresses: "I love sharing with you all ..."

"But it’s been hard to keep wanting to share because people say the meanest things !!!" Britney admits.

britney spears ig vs haters dec 2019

"If you don’t like a post ... just keep it to yourself and unfollow that person !!!" Britney strongly advises.

She points out: "There’s no reason to ever go out of your way to make mean comments and bully people."

"Stay happy and nice this holiday season y’all and God Bless !!!!!" Britney's message concludes.

And she's not the only one who has some strong words with people who use internet anonymity to be pointlessly cruel.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari in Miami

Britney's unnecessarily hunky boyfriend Sam Asghari weighed in.

"It’s so easy to cyber attack and hide behind their phones and write mean comments," he writes in a comment.

He then notes their hypocrisy, saying: "but when they run into you in real life ..."

Sam observes of these haters: "all of the sudden they act like they have been such a huge fan and want a picture."

sam asghari ig vs haters dec 2019

So what is all of this about? 

A number of people immediately concluded that perhaps it was in reference to replies that people have been sending to Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn.

Jamie Lynn remains friendly with Lou Taylor, Britney's manager, who is widely disliked by Britney stans and the #FreeBritney movement.

Over the weekend, Jamie Lynn was slammed for her continued association with Lou.

Sean Preston, Britney Spears, and Jayden James at Disneyland

In an infamous email from over a decade ago, Britney allegedly wrote that she was afraid of Lou Taylor and Lou's desire to give her an exorcism.

Since then, Lou has also become infamous among fans because of the conservatorship.

Britney's father has controlled her career and her finances for about 12 years, now.

Even before he allegedly attacked one of Britney's sons, fans considered him a controlling creep.

Sean Preston and Jayden James Dine at Disneyland

So was Britney talking about the negative comments that Jamie Lynn was receiving? Maybe not ... because Britney has her own trolls.

"What is on your shirt and you look homeless," one vicious moron commented under Britney's post.

"No offense," another wrote, before offensively adding: "But everyone knows you’re not in your right mind."

"You need a stylist asap!" another fiend had the audacity to comment.

Maybe Britney is just talking about her own experiences and not about any of the Jamie Lynn or Lou discourse.

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