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Even though Blac Chyna’s net worth is reportedly vast and growing each month, she still goes to the airport like everyone else.

(Private planes aren’t for the rich; they’re for the mega-rich)

Recently, she went on a vocal rant — and was filmed by multiple bystanders — about vaccinations.

The results are actually not as bad as you might think.

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It has been fifteen months since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic.

For the past year and a half, we have all seen and heard the most worm-brained nonsense spew from strangers, celebrities, and possibly even family.

Blac Chyna had something to say, loudly and clearly, at Miami International Airport recently.

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All of this went down on Sunday.

Apparently, what set her off was a woman who was holding a baby approached Chyna.

She asked her for a photo, as fans often do.

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It’s unclear what the woman may have said to Blac Chyna beyond expressing that desire, but we can guess.

Apparently, Chyna began to speak at length about how the woman should (or "better be") vaccinated.

We have to stress that we do not know this woman’s name or her vaccination status.

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This led to Chyna telling the crowd at the airport terminal that they need to "go get f–king vaccinated!"

She induces someone to "stop being stupid, hoe!"

Eventually, Chyna meandered to other topics, including her Washington DC roots.

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In the video (there are so many, some sold to various outlets and others uploaded to social media), you can see it for yourself.

Chyna is standing there, impossible to miss with her gorgeous periwinkle hair.

She’s surrounded by her bodyguards.

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For the record, the airport did not call police or security on her, so this wasn’t a major incident.

The world has seen fifteen months of incoherent screaming about Marks of the Beast and illuminati genetic engineering and 5G magnetization.

After all of that nonsense, this is downright refreshing.

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Jokingly, we’d like to see more like this.

Imagine a world where people rant positive social messages at cameras.

Picture Farrah Abraham’s next word salad being about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

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It’s not actually a surprise that Blac Chyna is, like almost everyone, pro-vaccination.

She received her COVID-19 vaccination earlier this year, just like 80% of all American adults did.

Unlike most of us, Chyna actually filmed herself getting the jab, using her platform to help put a few more people at ease.

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We’re not saying that people should turn to Chyna for health advice — or even to us for it.

Why? Because we’re not immunologists or virologists or … anything close to that. And neither is Chyna.

But when someone is saying good things that are rooted in sound medical advice, it’s good to listen.

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We’re not sure why Chyna ended up going on a rant. It might not even be about the woman with the baby.

She may have recently had an alarming run-in or even exposure risk with someone who later turned out to be anti-vax.

That kind of thing could put any of us on edge.

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Perhaps Chyna will offer up a video explanation for her outburst when she’s feeling calmer.

Or maybe she won’t. She doesn’t need to.

Her airport rant might not be dignified, but it’s how we’re all feeling towards the dwindling and spiteful minority who refuse to get the jab.