Biracial Twins Take Internet by Shocking, Precious Storm

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Kalani and Jarani Dean have given new meaning to the term "twins."

Born nine months ago to Whitney Meyer (who is white) and her boyfriend Tomas Dean (who is black), Kalani and Jarani are both precious and adorable.

But Kalani takes after he mom in the skin color department and Jarani takes after her dad.

Yes, this is the rare instance of BIRACIAL TWINS!

Kalani and Jarani Dean

According to the BBC, interracial couples expecting twins have a 1 in 500 chance that their children will be born with different skin colors.

Which is actually not as extreme a percentage as we'd have guessed.

“No one believes they’re twins,” Meyer tells Us Weekly. “When we go out in public, people will start looking at them because I dress them identical and I can tell they’re confused.”

But Kalani and Jarani are more than just (cute!) abnormalities.

They were born on April 23, 2016, less than two years after Meyer lost her 2-year-old son, Pravyn, in a drowning tragedy. 

Birracial Twins

“They are my miracle babies,” Meyer tells that same magazine. “J looks exactly like her brother did. They are identical. When I look at pictures of J, I see Pravyn.”

So... pretty amazing all around, we'd say.

See more photos of the twins and learn more about them below:

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