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This might be our new favorite show.

If anyone deserves a little joy in her life, it’s Barbara Evans.

The woman raised trainwreck Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, and is now acting parent to six-year-old grandson Jace.

When she’s not looking after Jace, she’s rolling her eyes and scolding Jenelle for her always-questionable life choices.

Yeah, Barbara could use a lovah.

On the new MTV series, A Bae for Babs, the put-upon grandma with the sassy attitude sets out on a quest for a "booooooooooyfriend."

However, unlike her daughter, she has discerning taste in men.

"Oh my gawd, I would never pick any boyfriend like Jenelle did, oh my gawd," she says in a clip for the first episode.

Babs says she hasn’t dated in 16 years, and admits she’s a bit hesitant to dive into that pool again.

"It kinda makes me a little nervous about going back in the dating scene because I don’t want some guy to think that, you know, he’s gonna just, like, jump in my bed," she confesses.

Nevertheless, she agrees to meet Tom, the 60-year-old owner of a boat and a ponytail.

The two meet at an oxygen bar, which is probably the last place we’d ever imagine Barbara.

They don their masks and Babs is immediately weirded out.

"This is, like, so weee-yuhd, man," she exclaims in her unmistakable accent. "I feel like I’m like on an ayah-plane or somethin.’"

"I’m getting, like, lightheaded. It’s really wee-yuhd, man!" she adds.

The fancy air must be doing a number on her, because she acts giddier and sillier than we’ve ever seen her before.

But she seems pleased to learn that Tom has grandbabies, too, and he gets points for showing her pictures of them.

Little Jace is excited about the prospect of getting a "new grandpa," reveals reveals, who told him, "Well, maybe you can."

Overall, she rates the date an 8 out of 10, saying she wouldn’t mind going out with Tom again.

But Babs has more suitors in store for further episodes. 

Who will she pick?