Awesome Criminal Dresses as Heisenberg to Rob Starbucks

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He is The One Who Knocks, people!

Look, we never condone violence or criminal acts here at The Hollywood Gossip.

It's just not our policy. We are all for the country's legal system.

But when some guy dressed up like the character Bryan Cranston made famous on what many believe is the greatest TV show in history… well… we need to write about it.

As you can see below, Texas police recently released surveillance footage from a Starbucks, which depicts a criminal dressed exactly like Walter White’s meth-dealing alter ego on Breaking Bad, Heisenberg.

The individual in question is pointing a gun at an employee while wearing a sweater vest, slacks, dress shoes and a pork pie hat.

It's pretty much the identical outfit you see Cranston dressed in any time you watch Breaking Bad online.

The robbery took place in Garland, Texas and anyone with information is encouraged to call 972-272-TIPS (8477) or contact police online at

We hope they catch this man.

He threatened the life of another human being and, again, to be clear: we do NOT condone this act. We do not think it's cool.

The robber deserves to go to jail, but perhaps with the acknowledgment that at least he has good taste in television shows.

Check out the Breaking Bad fan in illegal action now:

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