Ashley Martson Claps Back at Critics Over Reunion with Jay Smith

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As we reported last week, Ashley Martson took to Instagram to show off an apparent reunion with Jay Smith in a TikTok challenge video.

Obviously, shocked and outraged fans are trolling her hard over this. Ashley is clapping back.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith on TikTok

If you are not familiar with the "Switch It Up" TikTok challenge, it has been going around recently.

Just as Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron tried it out, so did ashley Martson ... and, apparently, Jay Smith.

In a video that Ashley shared to Instagram, she appears alone and then the light goes out, coming back on to show her with Jay.

"Damn, maybe this quarantine isn’t so bad after all," she captions the incendiary video.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Troll Fans on TikTok

Just as Ashley intended, the comments are filled to the brim with outrage.

"Have more respect for yourself! You are a mom, this is embarrassing!" one commenter admonished Ashley.

Ashley fired back: "Why are you talking to your own self like that? Self love, sis!"

In other words, she replied with I know you are, but what am I?

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith in Happier Times

Another wanted details, and asked: "So, are you gonna spill the tea?"

"Hell no!" Ashley replied. "Did you see those empty shelves everywhere!"

She added: "We can't waste a thing!"

That's a cute way of making a joke out of a common expression in light of the pandemic ... and completely avoiding the question.

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

The idea of self-isolation is to prevent (well, delay) getting infected by a dangerous virus.

While Jay Smith is technically better than a global pandemic, many would say that keeping out the virus but letting in your ex isn't much of an improvement.

Ashley and Jay are still technically married despite signing divorce papers last year, thanks to a dirty trick of Jay's.

But does appearing in each other's videos mean that they've rekindled their romance?

Ashley Martson in a Burgundy Bikini

First and foremost, it's entirely possible that Ashley and Jay are sharing old footage of each other on Instagram.

The motivation would be to stir up exactly the kind of outrage with which Ashley has been bombarded.

Outrage drives engagement, which accounts for a huge amount of toxicity on social media.

Ashley and Jay can both benefit from playing this game with fans and followers and keeping people guessing.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Wear Matching Shirts

The second possibility is that yes, they are sheltering together ... but only for practical reasons.

They are still legally married, because Jay "accidentally" wrote the wrong date when he signed divorce papers last year.

Perhaps Ashley, out of a misplaced sense of obligation, invited him to live with her since he can't exactly give tattoos during this pandemic.

Self-distancing to slow the spread of a virus is very different from going to a tattoo parlor and getting ink injected under your skin.

Ashley Martson Cries on Instagram

Whether or not they are in physical proximity to each other, it's clear that they're enjoying trolling their fans.

It's possible that they are hooking up or even back together romantically but ... we hope not.

We would love to rule it out as impossible, but we have seen this cycle repeat itself too many times.

Perhaps when they get bored of trolling, they'll tell us all what's up.

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