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Even though Abby Lee Miller is still locked up despite having been scheduled for early release, she can still throw shade at her former students.

This time, she’s taking aim at 13-year-old Mackenzie Ziegler with a tweet.

Why? Because, as you can see in the video below, Mackenzie Ziegler has allegedly been caught vaping.

Abby Lee Miller, Thumbs Up

Abby Lee Miller is proving that she doesn’t need occasional prison visit to be able to tell her former dance students exactly what she thinks of them.

Some people may be unaware, but many of those who are incarcerated are allowed to access the internet during carefully limited, established periods of the day.

However, someone else has been posting on Miller’s behalf during her prison stay — innocuous little posts to keep her accounts active, as if the entire world didn’t know that she’s in prison.

For that reason, it is unclear if the former Dance Moms villain — sorry, former Dance Moms instructor — is the one who personally tweeted this.

And yes, it matters.

In what seemed to be an attempt to tweet at Justice, the clothing store that markets heavily to tweens, Abby Lee Miller appears to be throwing shade at one of her former students.

(She actually tweeted at a fan account for Justice … because even clothing stores have those)

Her tweet asks a simple question:

"Do you sell vapes now?"

There’s a joke in there somewhere about the prison stereotype of people in prison trading cigarettes for currency but … whatever.

It was immediately clear to everyone who’s been keeping up with Dance Moms gossip that Miller’s interest in vapes was not personal.

Mackenzie Ziegler

See, Mackenzie Ziegler has recently been ‘caught" vaping.

Not on Instagram — her public Instagram account is all smiles and staged photographs that look less like a 13-year-old’s actual life and thoughts and more like what her family might hire a publicist to post.

(Which is totally fine; Mackenzie is just a kid and does not need her every real thought and deed to be exposed to the world)

However, though Mackenzie is only 13, she has been "caught" on video.

Many fans believe that she has been vaping.

Vaping, though not as harmful as cigarettes (and infinitely better-smelling … usually), still delivers a dose of nicotine and can be addictive.

Abby Lee Miller in Prison

Mackenzie has responded to those claims by saying that she is using a Monq.

That would be water vapor mixed with essential oils, and considered harmless.

(Please note that essential oils are not necessarily harmless; both lavender and tee tree oil have been found to disrupt certain hormones and may be an environmental hazard around children)

Some fans don’t believe her, however, and say that the vapor looks too thick to simply be from water and oil.

We certainly hope that she is making the best choices for herself. Mackenzie may be worth a couple million now, but that doesn’t mean that her life couldn’t spiral downwards if she makes the wrong choices in her teens.

Abby Lee Miller With a Knife

So it seems that Abby Lee Miller was throwing shade at Mackenzie, poking fun at her age and at the vaping rumors.

Mackenzie isn’t only young, but she’s collaborated with Justice on dance-inspired activewear clothing lines.

Honestly, the mis-tagged Twitter account aside (really, she should have phrased the tweet differently for maximum effect and visibility), it was a pretty good tweet. 

This living terror has a pretty good sense of humor.

Take a look at the video below and decide for yourself if you believe Mackenzie’s claims that she isn’t using traditional vape fluid.