90 Day Fiance The Other Way Shocker: Sumit is Secretly MARRIED!

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans assumed that Jenny and Sumit would be less dramatic than the other major age gap couple.

Not so, because Sumit's reluctance to get married has much less to do with his parents than anyone thought.

Sumit has been harboring a secret that makes marrying Jenny an impossibility.

Jenny confronts Sumit

Jenny gave up her home in the US and left her family behind -- everything that she's ever known -- to be with Sumit.

When you move across the world for someone who started off catfishing you, you don't expect to hear a bunch of excuses.

But Sumit has been dragging his heels about marriage since Jenny arrived, insisting that his parents don't approve so he can't tell them.

Sumit has been harboring a secret that he has not shared with Jenny.

But, after a very tense conversation with his fiancee, he does confess what's going on to the camera.

Sumit - I'm not making you fool

"What's the point?" Jenny asks Sumit. "Like, this is pointless. You're making me a fool."

Sumit's eyes are downcast as, clearly, his secret weighs heavily upon him.

"I'm not making you fool," he says, still not looking up at the woman he loves.

"Then why are you looking down?" Jenny challenges him. "Why don't you look at me and say that?"

At that, Sumit sheepishly looks up at her.

Jenny frustrated with Sumit

"My visa's going to run out," Jenny complains realistically while speaking to the 90 Day Fiance cameras.

She points out: "I cannot stay in India forever."

"I'm here on a tourist visa," she explains.

Frustrated, she asks: "Does he not understand that I cannot stay in India without being married to him? What is he not getting?"

Oh, Sumit understands. We think that, at this point, he's just completely overwhelmed.

Sumit - I love you that's for true

"I love you," Sumit assures her. "That's for true. Do you feel that?"

"Yeah, I know you love me," Jenny agrees.

"But," she continues. "I need you to be stronger and stand up for me and stand up to them."

At this point, Jenny still believes what Sumit has been telling her -- that his parents do not approve.

"I cannot choose one over another," Sumit protests.

Jenny replies: "You have to."

Sumit - I cannot choose one over the other

Only when he is speaking to the producers and the cameras without Jenny does Sumit feel ready to be completely honest.

"She give up a lot for me," Sumit acknowledges.

"And," he notes, she "keeps on thinking that we are gonna get married."

The show plays a clip of Jenny insisting: "Make a damn decision."

Speaking to the camera, Sumit admits: "It is very unfair to her."

Sumit - I'm married

"I have a big secret," Sumit reveals. "Which I was hiding from Jenny."

Oh boy. Here it comes, folks. Brace yourselves.

"And the big secret is ... that I'm married," he confesses.

That is ... a truly stunning admission.

And it means that Jenny may have traveled all of the way to India for nothing.

But only time will tell if his secret marriage is the deal-breaker that so many of us imagine it to be.

They sure have looked cozy on social media.

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