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It’s more than a little weird when it’s a big twist that a man’s fiancee does exist, but that’s just how this season of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is.

While fans enjoyed the Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks drama and Angela’s outrageous antics, it was Maria who stole the show.

How? Because she’s a real person, she’s beautiful, and … it’s pretty clear what she wants from Ceasar.

Caesar Speaks Excitedly

From day one, TLC has been letting us all think that Maria is just a catfish and that Caesar is a fool who’s lost a lot of money for nothing.

Well, that’s not true — the first part, anyway.

For the Tell All special, TLC released a video showing that Maria does, in fact, exist and is a human woman.

Watching the video, however, you’re not going to be convinced that Caesar is not a fool.

"Hi, my name is Maria," a beautiful blonde woman announces. "I am 28 years old and live in Kiev, Ukraine."

"I joined Anastasia Date maybe 8 years ago," she says of the dating site on which she met Caesar.

"A lot of girls know about this site in Ukraine," Anastasia elaborates. "Because a lot of guys around the world want to date Ukrainian girls."

She explains why: "They are beautiful and crazy."

"Caesar text me," Maria recalls. "And we start to communicate."

"When I saw his profile," she describes. "He seemed really nice. I liked the way he talked to me."

"My type is usually tall guys with blond hair, blue eyes," Maria admits. "Stuff like that."

The producer asks if she was phsically attracted to Caesar at first, eliciting an "Uh-eh" that did not go over well with viewers.

Photo via TLC

"But," Maria says. "I like what he do to me."

Specifically: "He sends flowers. That catch my attention."

"And," she remarks. "He’s American."

"So," Maria explains. "It’s pretty good."

Maria Likes That Caesar is American

That admission is then juxtaposed with footage of her speaking into a terrible camera, saying "I love you, my husband."

"I can’t wait to be with you," Maria says.

Then, back in the interview, she defends talking to other guys "because, like, it’s normal."

She says that she’s not going to stop dating multiple men — despite the gifts that Caesar has given her and how seriously he takes their relationship.

"When I don’t have ring on my hand," Maria insists. "I am free."

Poetically, the video ends with another blurry video of Maria saying "I love you and I miss you" and blowing a kiss into the camera.

Now, obviously TLC has been waiting to reveal this until the end to get the strongest reaction possible out of fans.

And it’s not Maria’s fault that she has a nervous laugh that viewers are going to interpret as malicious, like she’s mocking Caesar.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s being good to Caesar. He’s in love, while she seems in it for gifts, cash, and a shot at American citizenship.

She’s not shy about it. And as far as how much he’s spent, she says that she’s "not an accountant" and doesn’t know. Yikes.