Also known as Con-jack, Simon Monjack was a British screenwriter and the husband of Brittany Murphy.

This fool was one screwed up guy from what we've heard ... and we heard a lot about Simon Monjack.

Rumors and accounts from our readers suggest he is a "tremendous" con artist and possible criminal.

Regardless, Simon Monjack and Brittany Murphy seemed happy for some reason. Hey, they lasted several years, which is like an eternity in Hollywood.

In fact, he and Brittany kept relatively quiet since news of their surprise marriage hit the celebrity news back in '07. They seemed to be making it work.

Despite all the bad things written about Simon Monjack, few of them were ever substantiated and none led to any sort of criminal investigation.

** Update: Murphy passed away in December of 2009. No matter how shady Simon may be, we'd never wish this sort of tragedy on anyone. Hang in there, man.

** Update: Monjack is also dead. He died in May 2010 of apparent cardiac arrest. Both Brittany and Simon were found unconscious in the same room by her mom.