Working Mother of 4 Does All THIS Before Arriving at The Office

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Liz Petrone is a mother of four who also holds down a job.

She doesn't consider this heroic or anything.

She doesn't consider herself particularly special.

But she did recently go viral after she chronicled her typical morning schedule on Facebook, making it clear via the following post that there truly is no rest for the weary when you have four human beings to take care of at home....

1. This is Liz

This is Liz
She has four children, one blog and over 3,300 Likes on the Facebook post you're about to read...

2. So It Begins...

So It Begins...
You pat. You prod. You do whatever you need to do.

3. Hot Shower, Strong Coffee

Hot Shower, Strong Coffee
They really can't be hot enough or strong enough.

4. Brush Your Teeth Please

Brush Your Teeth Please
Come on. What about just one tooth each?

5. Sorry, Neighbors!

Sorry, Neighbors!
Also, sorry neighbor's tree!

6. All in a Day's Work

All in a Day's Work
Or an early morning's work, really. Sheesh!

7. 2.5 Miles Later...

2.5 Miles Later...
... Liz arrives at work.

8. I Don't Want Sympathy

I Don't Want Sympathy
Liz recognizes how fortunate she is all around in her life. She really has just one request...

9. ... And That Request is This:

... And That Request is This:
Okay? Got it? You really don't know what my life is like.

10. A Cold Cup of Coffee Toast!

A Cold Cup of Coffee Toast!
To ALL the mothers out there... we see you, we feel for you and we admire you. You're the real heroes.

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