Jenelle Evans to David Eason: I'll Give You The Land If I Can Have Our Daughter!

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As you've no doubt heard by now, Jenelle Evans has filed for divorce from David Eason.

Now, this is Jenelle we're talking about, so there's a good chance she's lying, and this is all just a last-ditch effort to save her career.

But for the time being at least, the Easons are living in separate states (Jenelle in Tennessee; David in North Carolina).

And if we the version of events offered by sources close to Jenelle, she'd be perfectly happy if it stayed that way. 

In fact, it seems she reportedly has no problem with allowing David to remain on the property they obnoxiously dubbed "The Land" -- but only if he grants of custody of the couple's 2-year-old daughter, Ensley.

Here's everything we know about this increasingly bizarre situation:


1. The Easons

The Easons
You probably won't be seeing any pics like this one for a while. Jenelle and David have called it quits, and sources close to the couple say they did not part on good terms.

2. The Announcement

The Announcement
Evans shared the news with fans last week in a surprisingly straightforward Instagram post.

3. Uncharacteristically Quiet

Uncharacteristically Quiet
"I've mostly kept off social media the last few days because I've been focused on making some big life decisions," Evans began.

4. Has Any Of It Been Pretty?

Has Any Of It Been Pretty?
"I've lived my life on camera since I was 17 years old," Evans continued. "And a lot of it hasn't been pretty. But it's been my life."

5. Think of the Children

Think of the Children
"Like anyone else, I want what's best for my kids, and I want to be happy," Jenelle wrote.

6. Playing the Kid Card

Playing the Kid Card
Yes, Jenelle is once again claiming that her kids are the heart of every decision she makes. That's obviously not true most of the time, but it might be in this case.

7. The Nugget Incident

The Nugget Incident
After all, it was David's decision to brutally slaughter the family dog while the kids were home that set all of this in motion.

8. Domino Effect

Domino Effect
Within weeks of that incident, Jenelle got fired and lost custody of her kids. A chain of events like that will cause anyone to reevaluate their priorities.

9. Stating the Obvious

Stating the Obvious
“With time away from Teen Mom, I’ve started to look at my life differently and I know I need to make changes. I’m starting that now," Evans wrote.

10. This Is the End

This Is the End
And with that, she pulled the plug on her marriage (or at least pretended to). Fans were relieved to hear that her kids had factored into that decision.

11. Making the Move

Making the Move
“The kids and I have moved away from David," Jenelle stated on the second page of her informal announcement.

12. Far, Far Away

Far, Far Away
Evans wasn't kidding on that count. First, she went to New York (no word on whether or not the kids joined her on that leg of the journey), and now she's taken up temporary residence in Tennessee.

13. What the Future Holds

What the Future Holds
Legal experts and others who have been watching the situation closely expect that the divorce will soon get ugly for two reasons -- the Easons have a daughter together, and they both signed the deed for their massive tract of land in Riegelwood, NC.

14. Ensley In the Middle

Ensley In the Middle
Obviously, 2-year-old Ensley is the most important prize in the fight, but remarkably, it seems the Eason's may have already worked out an arrangement with regard to custody.

15. An Amicable Accord

An Amicable Accord
According to a new report from TMZ, Jenelle wants sole custody -- but she's happy to allow David weekly visitations.

16. Giving the Baby His Bottle

Giving the Baby His Bottle
Generally, David is the type to put up a fight, but in this case, it seems he might be happy to accept Jenelle's deal, as he'll be receiving something in return.

17. Life on the Land

Life on the Land
David's recent social media posts have created the impression that The Land is all his. And insiders say there's good reason for that -- it is.

18. A Smart Strategy

A Smart Strategy
Jenelle might be thinking logically for once. After all, even though she paid for it, legally the land belongs to David as much as it belongs to her.

19. Desperate Dave

Desperate Dave
Eason has been unemployed for 2 years, and sources say he doesn't have a penny to his name. Kicking him (and his 11-year-old daughter) off The Land would likely result in endless legal headaches.

20. Thinking of the Future

Thinking of the Future
This way, Jenelle gets to keep full custody of Ensley while distancing herself from David so that she can rescue what's left of her career.

21. Hard Facts

An insider tells TMZ that Jenelle "believes that she will not have a career in any field if she stays with David," and she's probably right

22. Moving On

Moving On
The sooner she cuts ties with her abusive, dog-murdering ex, the sooner she can get back to posting sponsored content -- and maybe even shooting scenes for MTV.

23. Cutting Deals

Cutting Deals
Jenelle reportedly met with MTV execs during her time in New York last week. And while they haven't offered her her job back yet, it seems they made one thing perfectly clear ...

24. Boy, Bye!

Boy, Bye!
She has no future at the network as long as she's associated with David. Sounds like a few acres of land is a small price to pay for being done with his ass!

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