Tyler Baltierra: I Deserve SO Much Better Than Catelynn Lowell!

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Remember when Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra used to kind of be the #RelationshipGoals of Teen Mom OG?

Everyone always thought they were so cute together, and so brave and selfless for placing their daughter for adoption to save her from their families.

And it's true, they were.

But that's been several years ago now, and these days ... well, things are different.

And as the days go by, it seems more and more likely that their relationship just won't last.

1. Happier Times

Happier Times
Catelynn and Tyler have been together forever. Almost literally.

2. Middle School Sweethearts

Middle School Sweethearts
They started dating when they were just 12 years old, after Tyler started talking to her because, as he once revealed, she had "bigger tits than any other girl in the 7th grade."

3. Not So Cute

Not So Cute
Things got a little weirder a little while after that, when Tyler's father began dating Catelynn's mother. They eventually got married, making Catelynn and Tyler step siblings.

4. Making It Work

Making It Work
But they kept on trucking along together, up until she got pregnant.

5. So Sad

So Sad
We don't have to go into too much detail with this, because we all remember these heartbreaking details: they decided to place their baby for adoption because their home lives were too unstable and they wanted better for their child.

6. Doing Well?

Doing Well?
After that, things were tough in many ways, and they nearly broke up more than once. But somehow, some way, they stayed together through the years, and eventually she became pregnant again.

7. Awww!

They had their daughter, Nova, but unfortunately Catelynn suffered from postpartum depression, which turned into general depression, and it really put a strain on their relationship.

8. No Problem!

No Problem!
Even though they'd been having problems, they went ahead with their wedding plans anyway -- they were married in August of 2015.

9. Pushing Forward

Pushing Forward
Unfortunately, after the wedding, Catelynn's depression got even worse, and even a month away at a treatment center in Arizona didn't seem to help.

10. Shutting Down

Shutting Down
After a while, Tyler began to wonder if he was the problem, and he told Catelynn more than once that they couldn't keep going on with things as bad as they were.

11. Better!

Sometime last year though, things changed, and they decided they were ready to have another child. Shortly after they made that decision, she got pregnant.

12. Heartbreaking

But soon after that, she had a miscarriage. She had an extremely hard time dealing with the loss of her pregnancy, and she began contemplating suicide.

13. More Treatment

More Treatment
With the support of Tyler, she checked back into that treatment center in Arizona, and she stayed there for six weeks.

14. Hard Times

Hard Times
When she came home, that's when things got REALLY bad.

15. Just So Bad

Just So Bad
So bad that just a few weeks later, she told Tyler that she was going back for another six weeks.

16. Uhhh ...

Uhhh ...
He suggested that she try getting therapy and staying home instead, but she refused. When he told her that Nova wouldn't do well if she left again, she told him "she'll manage."

17. Ouch

In a conversation with his sister, Tyler said that Catelynn was starting to remind him of his absent addict father, Butch -- some very serious words. He also said that he was beginning to wonder if they were right for each other anymore.

18. What Happened?!

What Happened?!
But right now, she's pregnant again ... so what's going on?

19. Yikes

As we're seeing on this season of Teen Mom OG, Tyler was not happy with Catelynn after her second stay in rehab -- in the premiere, he told his mom that she'd skipped therapy to lounge around in her robe, and that he found her behavior "repulsing."

20. No Sympathy

No Sympathy
“That’s why I want to go to therapy, like something’s wrong with me,” he told her. “I’m losing sympathy and empathy. Maybe the empathy and sympathy is sucked dry, I don’t know, but I recognize that and that’s why I need to figure this out.”

21. Wow

He also revealed that he wasn't super excited that they're expecting another baby, and that they'd been doing everything they could to avoid a pregnancy.

22. Easy, Killer

Easy, Killer
In another episode, he was seen venting to his friends, asking “When does it ever turn around? When is it ever 50/50?! I’m saying this is what I need, awesome. If you can’t, let me know now. I don’t want to waste any time, let me get out of here. Marriage is a bitch.”

23. A Request

A Request
A big thing was that Tyler's psychiatrist suggested that he and Catelynn watch episodes from last season together so that she could see how much he struggled holding everything together while she was gone, but she refused.

24. Drama

“I know that you took on a lot, but do I have to put myself through all that sadness and drama and hurt all over again?” she asked him.

25. So Many Questions

So Many Questions
“Do you think that I don’t think that it’s hard for you? Does [the doctor] think me and you don’t communicate at all? Do you think I’m blind to it all, that I was just so into myself that I didn’t care about what was happening?”

26. Standing Firm

Standing Firm
And just in case you think she eventually changed her mind, don't -- she said in a very recent interview that she doesn't watch the show and has no plans to watch it, because she already lived it.

27. Way Harsh

Way Harsh
When the Teen Mom Instagram account posted about this, a fan commented with "She didn't even want to watch the show with him which was what HE NEEDED FOR HIMSELF that was advised to him from his therapist, she had to get all defensive. I cannot STAND Cate. I hope he moves on from her at some point. He deserves a real woman not a little girl."

28. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
But why are we bringing up random Instagram comments right now?

29. Whoa


30. Just ... Whoa

Just ... Whoa
Tyler actually liked a comment about how he should leave Catelynn because he deserves better than her.

31. What Next?

What Next?
We're not saying that they're getting divorced immediately because of this or anything ... but at this point, would any of us really be surprised?

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