The Many Outfits of Cher

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Let's take a look at some of Cher's most interesting outfits from her Dressed to Kill tour. Here are 7 of them to start.

1. Topless Cher Wears Pasties

Topless Cher Wears Pasties
Cher wore pasties to perform "If I Could Turn Back Time" during her Dressed to Kill show in Boston.

2. Cher as Virgin Mary

Cher as Virgin Mary
Is Cher dressed as a sexy Virgin Mary here? It certainly seems that way. Scandalous!

3. Cher as Beyonce

Cher as Beyonce
Cher channeled her inner Beyonce for this gladiator-esque number.

4. Cher If I Could Turn Back Time

Cher If I Could Turn Back Time
Cher turned back time to wear the same black number she wore when "If I Could Turn Back Time" debuted.

5. Cher as Native American

Cher as Native American
Cher did some Native American appropriating as she donned a feathered headdress on stage. Public outcry in 3...2...

6. Cher's Peacock Hair

Cher's Peacock Hair
Did Cher get attacked by a peacock? Maybe, just maybe, she did.

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