The Cast of Blossom: Where Are They Now?

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It's the 20th anniversary of Blossom! Where are the cast members now? Flip through to find out!

1. Blossom Cast: Now!

Blossom Cast: Now!
The cast of Blossom got together for a 20th anniversary reunion for The Hub network to launch the show into syndication!

2. Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik has come a long way since her days as flowered-hat wearing Blossom. She's an author and mom with a PhD and stars on The Big Bang Theory.

3. Ted Wass

Ted Wass
Ted Wass, who played dad Nick Russo, decided to move behind the camera, directing and producing such shows as Two and a Half Men and Melissa and Joey.

4. Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence
Ted and his on-screen son Joey Lawrence have kept in touch over the years, working together on Lawrence's ABC Family show Melissa and Joey.

5. Michael Stoyanov

Michael Stoyanov
Oldest brother Anthony Russo left Blossom when Michael Stoyanov took a job as a writer for Conan O'Brien. He's now a celebrated television and film screenwriter.

6. Jenna Von Oy

Jenna Von Oy
After playing Six Lemeure, Jenna Von Oy took several small roles on television shows and in movies and tried to launch a country music career in 2000. She welcomed a daughter in 2012.

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