Rugby Team Poses with Hunting Prey

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This rugby squad is under fire for hunting down some prey and posing online with their corpses.

1. Ruggers and Dead Zebra

Ruggers and Dead Zebra
This rugby team is facing criticism for posing with a dead zebra during a hunting trip to South Africa.

2. Posing with a Corpse

Posing with a Corpse
We got it! This photo of a rugby player and his coach posing with a dead animal in South Africa does not sit well with some people.

3. Sitting Over His Prey

Sitting Over His Prey
It's pretty clear who won this bloody battle. A rugby player is sitting over his prey.

4. A Killing Controversy

A Killing Controversy
That's a dead animal. Those are the rugby players who killed it. And this is a controversial picture.

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