19 Famous Dogs on the Internet

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These dogs are huge on the Internet. They probably have more followers than you do.

1. 3Bulldogges

The 3Bulldogges love to spoon and folks like to see them spoon. They have 118,000 followers on Instagram.

2. Hamilton Pug

Hamilton Pug
Hamilton Pug lives in New York City and has 6,000 Twitter followers. He holds #Pugchat conversations each week.

3. If It Wags

If It Wags
If It Wags is an Instagram account with 118,000 followers. It tracks two rescued German Short-Haired Pointers living in Vancouver, BC.

4. Toast Meets World

Toast Meets World
Toast spent the start of her life as a puppy mill mother until she was adopted into her awesome life in New York. The Toast Meets World account has 57,000 Instagram followers.

5. Stuff on Scout's Head

Stuff on Scout's Head
This Instagram account (19,000 followers) speaks for itself. It features stuff on Scout's head.

6. Harlow and Sage

Harlow and Sage
Harlow and Sage have over 300,000 followers on Instagram. Why? Because they're adorable!

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