Promposals: The Good, the Bad, the Funny

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Promposals, what all the kids are doing to ask their dates to the prom, are all the rage. They range from over the top to short and sweet. Here are a few of the Internet's best promposals.

1. Kate Upton Prom Invite

A high school senior asks Kate Upton to the prom. Pretty awesome.

2. Emily Ratajkowski Prom Invitation

Some high school kid asks Emily Ratajkowski to prom. Not surprisingly, she declined the invite.

3. Bryan Cranston Helps Teen With Prom-posal

Bryan Cranston helped Stefan Montana ask a girl to the prom! No one says no to Heisenberg.

4. Nina Davuluri Asked to Prom

Nina Davuluri gets asked to prom by a high school kid during her speaking engagement there. He was suspended for the stunt.

5. Kendall Jenner Prom Invite

Balraj Singh is a high school student in Michigan, and he has a dream: to attend the prom with Kendall Jenner. He states his case in this video.

6. Gracie Gold Prom Invite

A brave high school senior asks Gracie Gold to the prom in this video. She should say yes, shouldn't she?

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