Prince William Helps Man Off Ground, Is Heroic AF

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Today in England, Prince William helped a gentlemen off the ground after he took a tumble.

It was like something out of a fairy tale (minus the dragon-slaying and riding in on a white horse).  

William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge had arrived for a mental health event at Steward's Academy in Harlow, England, when Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex Jonathan Douglas-Hughes unknowingly backed up to a bollard and fell down.

What happens in the following photos is nothing any decent human wouldn't do, but the fact that it was a prince helping out makes dreamy.

1. Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex Down!

Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex Down!
"As the couple [William and Kate] arrived Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex Jonathan Douglas Hughes who was greeting them fell backwards with a dramatic thud," Rebecca English of the Daily Mail tweeted from the engagement.

2. Ready, Steady, Up You Go

Ready, Steady, Up You Go
As soon as Douglas-Hughes went down, William and a few others came to his aid, and helped him to stand back up.

3. You Good, Bro?

You Good, Bro?
"William rushed to his aid and helped the embarrassed and slightly shaken man to his feet," English added.

4. All Is Well, Nothing To See Here

All Is Well, Nothing To See Here
"Sorry about that," Douglas-Hughes said to William, who replied, "No, it's all right," according to the Daily Mail.

5. That Got Weird, Huh?

That Got Weird, Huh?

6. My Hero

My Hero
Someone's getting lucky tonight.

7. Just Before "The Incident"

Just Before "The Incident"
"What A Lovely Day," he thought to himself. "Nothing Could Go Wrong!"

8. "V. Proud of William But..."

"V. Proud of William But..."
"No one has said a word about my dress."


"Going into hiding forever, BYE."

10. Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever
"I'll pick you up when you fall, friend."

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