People's Choice Awards: Best, Worst & Most Random Moments

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The 2017 People's Choice Awards are in the books.

And those books will forever tell us that Johnny Depp, Ellen DeGeneres and Grey's Anatomy were among the major winners.

But forget who took home the trophies.

Which stars were involved in the moments that truly stood out from the show? Let's find out!

1. Best Joke

Best Joke
Take it away, host Joel McHale: "2016 was an interesting year. We all watched as a longtime government insider squared off against an egotistical billionaire. I'm speaking of course about Captain America: Civil War."

2. Silliest Sketch

Silliest Sketch
At one point, some unfamous guy named Dwayne Johnson and an actual rock were in the running for Favorite Dwayne Johnson. The rock one (and Johnson uttered "Bullsh-t," which was pretty funny.)

3. Most Notable Snub

Most Notable Snub
Jennifer Lopez finally won a People's Choice Award after eight tries. But she didn't mention Drake at all in her acceptance speech!

4. Biggest Third Wheel

Biggest Third Wheel
It's hard to feel bad Luke Hemsworth when he looks like this. But McHale repeatedly referred to the Westworld actor as "the third one" in relation to brothers Liam and Chris.

5. Best Speech

Best Speech
Kevin Hart went up on stage thanked the people, along with God, in his acceptance speech. However, one ex-colleague was most definitely NOT worthy of Hart's praise: "This one goes to all the co-stars I’ve had except The Rock," Hart said. "He hasn’t helped me at all. He actually lessened my talent."

6. Best Message

Best Message
Lively won for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress for The Shallows. Which is hilarious in and of itself. She referenced the Spice Girls more than most people, but ended with a great message for young women: "No one can limit you."

7. Worst Use of Ken Jeong

Worst Use of Ken Jeong
This will always go to the sitcom Dr. Ken. But in a mid-show sketch, McHale’s Community co-star showed up as a "tabulator" of all the votes. It wasn’t very funny... and only got worse when McHale slapped a giant foam hat on the one-note star.

8. Best Random New Motto

Best Random New Motto
While accepting his eighth People's Choice Award over the course of his career - this time for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor - Tom Hanks trotted out his new favorite saying: "Throw deep, baby!" We don't get it. But we like it!

9. Biggest Winner... EVER

Biggest Winner... EVER
"She’s the award-iest of award-y." So sad Justin Timberlake in his introduction for Ellen DeGeneres, who took home her record 20th People's Choice Award.

10. Best Example of Why Ellen Keeps Winning

Best Example of Why Ellen Keeps Winning
Ellen opened an acceptance speech as follows :I was driving here tonight on the 101. And I was thinking, I love mashed potatoes. Don’t you love mashed potatoes?" Yes, we do. And we love you, Ellen!

11. Show That Should Savor Its Award the Most

Show That Should Savor Its Award the Most
No offense, Baby Daddy. But we don't see you reaching Ellen status.

12. Most Daft Recovery

Most Daft Recovery
Kristen Bell got briefly thrown off when her teleprompter went out, yet she recovered in strong fashion and continued reciting a list of Favorite Humanitarian Tyler Perry's impressive deeds.

13. References That Likely Went the Highest Over Most Viewers' Heads

References That Likely Went the Highest Over Most Viewers' Heads
Robert Downey Jr. showed love to both Arthur Conan Doyle and Stan Lee when he accepted his award for Favorite Action Movie Actor.

14. Most Obvious Revelation We Can't Believe We Didn't Realize Until Now

Most Obvious Revelation We Can't Believe We Didn't Realize Until Now
Kaitlin Olson made a bold, yet logical, assertion. She said that fellow presenter John Stamos was a sex robot, like the ones on Westworld. "You don’t age, you know? And you’re built for pleasure," she noted. (Stamos replied that Bob Saget is actually the sex robot.)

15. Best Response to a Joke

Best Response to a Joke
... and this is how Saget responded in the audience to Stamos' sex robot shout-out.

16. Best Concussion Joke

Best Concussion Joke
"Can I do a little wiggle?" asked Priyanka Chopra said after taking home Favorite Dramatic TV Actress for her role in Quantico, adding "it’s the concussion talking" in regard to a recent on-set accident.

17. Most Frequent Use of Sophia Vergara

Most Frequent Use of Sophia Vergara
Vergara won for Favorite Comedic TV Actress... and the award presentation was sandwiched between Vergara's commercials for Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo.

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