Newsweek Gets Blasted for Inflatable Penis Cover

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For its November 17 issue, Newsweek has published a cover story that focuses on the #MeToo movement.

Focusing on the fact that women now feel empowered to speak out against famous men who have acted inappropriately over the years (from Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey to Louis C.K.), the publication asks:

#MeToo is taking down powerful men in all fields. Is Donald Trump next?

But it does so alongside the photo of a pin popping a penis balloon, prompting many Internet users to ask: WTH?!?

Why must the implication here by that women are actively hurting men by simply calling them out for sexual harassment or assault?

Women don't have some problem with penises. They have a problem with guys who act like dicks, basically.

Scroll down for a look at what people are saying about this controversy:

1. The Controversial Cover

The Controversial Cover
It's not hard to see why folks have an issue with this image, right?

2. So, the Problem is That Men Have Dicks?

So, the Problem is That Men Have Dicks?
And women should fix that problem by injuring said dicks? Is that the message here?

3. These Women Were Assaulted

These Women Were Assaulted
They just want justice. Not revenge.

4. Tone Deaf... to the Max

Tone Deaf... to the Max
This cover is just missing the entire point.

5. All the Nope

All the Nope
This isn't our favorite saying, but we agree with the sentiment.

6. BOOM!

This one says it all.

7. Worst. Cover. Ever.

Worst. Cover. Ever.
And we're including that Kim Kardashian magazine cover where she was naked and had a champagne glass on her rear end.

8. This Isn't Satire

This Isn't Satire
This is a real life, important topic.

9. WTF?!?

That also says it all.

10. The #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo Movement
It was started by Alyssa Milano as a way to encourage women to acknowledge online that they've been harassed or sexually assaulted.

11. It Started with Harvey Weinstein

It Started with Harvey Weinstein
After this movie producer was outed as a sexual predator, more and more women felt comfortable sharing their stories.

12. Men Are Also Speaking Out

Men Are Also Speaking Out
The Weinstein saga inspired actor Anthony Rapp to share his troubling story of assault at the hands of Spacey in 1986.

13. Louis C.K. Gets Outed

Louis C.K. Gets Outed
After years of rumors, there is now pretty strong confirmation that the comedian masturbated on multiple occasions in front of various women.

14. What Do YOU Think of the Newsweek Cover?

What Do YOU Think of the Newsweek Cover?
Does the magazine get credit for highlighting this movement? Or does it deserve all the scorn for the sensational way it in which it has done so?

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