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Miley Cyrus may be naked on the cover of Paper Magazine, but the singer is holding a pig in front of her bare body.

You can’t really see much of anything at all.

The same cannot be said for the photos of Miley Cyrus inside Paper Magazine, however, as they give fans their most intimate look to date of the superstar.

Which is saying a lot for someone who goes around pushing for everyone to Free the Nipple.

But these photos depict Miley in full-on birthday suit mode, not wearing a shred of clothing and exposing every inch of her naked breasts.

There’s also a shot of her other (pink?!?) main private part.

In her Paper interview, Miley says she is “literally open to every single thing that is consenting,” implying some lesbian tendencies. 

And it’s safe to say the following pictures could be enough to turn any woman gay… at least for the next minute or so: