Miley Cyrus to Paper: I Need to F-cking Do Something!

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Miley Cyrus bares nearly all in the latest issue of Paper.

And, no, we aren't referring to the fact that Miley is naked and posing with a pig on the magazine's cover.

The artist touches on a number of very personal issues with the publication, starting with Happy Hippie Foundation.

Created to raise funds and awareness for homeless and LGBT youth, Cyrus says she felt compelled to do something along these lines after the news of Leelah Alcorn’s death went viral.

Miley Cyrus in Paper

"We can't keep noticing these kids too late," she says.

Miley also courted controversy when she had a homeless 22-year old named Jesse Helt accept her Video Music Award last year, as he delivered a speech that focused on just how many young people in poverty lived in California alone.

Why is Cyrus so dedicated to helping the less fortunate?

"I can't drive by in my f--king Porsche and not f--king do something," she says.

"I see it all day: people in their Bentleys and their Rolls and their Ubers, driving past these vets who have fought for our country, or these young women who have been raped."

Miley, meanwhile, gets to flaunt her body at all times and have her "tits out" on stage and doesn't think it's fair.

"How am I so lucky?" she asks.

The artist also reiterated a point she made in a previous relationship: that's open to anything and anyone.

"I am literally open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn't involve an animal and everyone is of age. Everything that's legal, I'm down with.

"I'm down with any adult - anyone over the age of 18 who is down to love me. I don't relate to being boy or girl, and I don't have to have my partner relate to boy or girl."

Overall, Cyrus says she is the last person to judge anyone:

"As long as you're not hurting anyone, your choices are your choices."

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