Marriage as Seen on Facebook

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Marriage is not quite as glorious as your friends' Facebook pages would make it seem. Here's a collection of reasons why.

1. Family Breakfast

Family Breakfast
It's the most important meal of the day, and all your friends mysteriously start it off looking this good.

2. Time to Get Moving

Time to Get Moving
Everyone looks so happy and not at all rushed or frazzled to get where they need to go.

3. Every Day is a Honeymoon

Every Day is a Honeymoon
At least your friends make it seem like it.

4. Lunch Date

Lunch Date
It really is. Just not for you.

5. Just For You!

Just For You!
He remembers when it's your anniversary or your birthday ... or the second Tuesday of the month. Whatever the occasion, he delivers!

6. Fun with the Kids

Fun with the Kids
Just some stress-free playtime with the kids.

7. Dad of the Year

Dad of the Year
Look at dad doing dishes and baby-wearing. What a CATCH.

8. Mom of the Year

Mom of the Year
Look at how she makes multitasking look so effortless ...

9. Master Chef

Master Chef
Who says you can't prepare gourmet feasts and be a parent? Not your Facebook friends!

10. Reading Time Together

Reading Time Together
What a nice, totally unstaged family photo.

11. Cuddling in Bed

Cuddling in Bed
Because we all have the time to work in this kind of close, relaxed bonding time every day.

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