Mackenzie Standifer: I Still Hate Maci Bookout, and HARD!

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Mackenzie Standifer has had quite a year.

We're sure she realized from the start that marriage to Ryan Edwards would bring plenty of challenges -- but she probably didn't think it would be quite this difficult.

Ryan has been to rehab and jail on multiple occasions since he tied the knot with Mackenzie.

Currently, Edwards is behind bars awaiting trial on drug possession and probation violation charges.

So when Mack hosted an Instagram Q&A session this week, fans figured she would have a lot of interesting into to offer.

Turns out, they were right:

1. Mack Is Back

Mack Is Back
Mackenzie laid low for a while after Ryan's latest arrest, but now, she's openly discussing her own trials and tribulations.

2. The Latest

The Latest
Mackenzie confirmed that Ryan is, indeed, still in jail and will remain behind bars at least until the time of his trial on April 15.

3. A Bleak Outlook

A Bleak Outlook
Ryan was already on probation when he was arrested for charges related to heroin possession and skipping out on a bar tab.

4. Doin' Time

Doin' Time
So it seems unlikely that he'll be able to escape his latest entanglement without serving some serious time behind bars.

5. Remaining Hopeful

Remaining Hopeful
Nevertheless, Mack remains hopeful that Ryan will be home in time for spring.

6. All For Show?

All For Show?
Asked about filming emotional scenes involving Ryan's legal troubles for Teen Mom OG, Mack implied that she plays it up, as she's not really concerned that he'll receive a long sentence.

7. Crying For the Cameras

Crying For the Cameras
"I’ve had to film about how sad and emotional I am [about Ryan being in jail],” Standifer said sarcastically.

8. Who Wants to Tell Her?

Who Wants to Tell Her?
“Sometimes I’ll get sad. It is sad. But in hindsight it’s not because [once he gets out of jail], all this is over," Mack told her Instagram followers.

9. The Denial Is Strong In This One

The Denial Is Strong In This One
Yes, Mackenzie is absolutely convinced that Ryan's legal problems will be behind him once he exits Hamilton County Jail. She's wrong.

10. Best Case Scenario

Best Case Scenario
Even if Ryan is let out with time served, he'll still be on probation for the next several years.

11. Getting By

Getting By
In the meantime, Mackenzie is doing what she can to provide for her family.

12. A Real Job!

A Real Job!
That means doing the 9 to 5 thing at an insurance company, where she works in sales.

13. The Family Business

The Family Business
And it means filming new episodes of Teen Mom OG, which Mackenzie continues to do -- even though she hates it.

14. Poor Mackenzie (Sarcasm)

Poor Mackenzie (Sarcasm)
“I have a contract and like I said in my Live a little bit ago, we both agreed that supported our family so might as well [do the show],” she said. “And it’s really almost impossible to get out of your contract.”

15. The Maci Factor

The Maci Factor
Mackenzie appeared in Maci's latest family photos, and it initially looked as though all was well between Ryan's two baby mamas.

16. Miraculous Response

Miraculous Response
However, when asked if she and Maci will ever be able to get along, Mackenzie replied, "Maybe. Miracles happen every day…”

17. The Name Game

The Name Game
Ryan was notoriously reluctant to welcome another child, but Mackenzie says he played a big role in helping to pick out baby Jagger's name.

18. At Least He Took an Interest?

At Least He Took an Interest?
“Pretty much any name that I threw out there Ryan didn’t like, and any name that I threw out there he didn’t like,” Mackenzie said.

19. Otis Regretting

Otis Regretting
“He wanted [to name the baby] Otis or Felix, and that has no, like, family [connection]… I was like, ‘NO!'” Standifer said.

20. Pick Jagger

Pick Jagger
Eventually, the couple settled on Jagger, which Ryan "loved," according to Mackenzie.

21. Absentee Dad

Absentee Dad
Now hopefully, Ryan can put his troubled past behind him so that he can actually be there for his young son.

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