Mackenzie Standifer: Guess Who's Coming Back to Teen Mom OG!!!

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Mackenzie Standifer sure is something else, isn't she?

She's only been on Teen Mom OG for a few seasons now, but she's definitely one of the most talked-about cast members.

And yeah, that's because her life is a complete and utter disaster, but facts are facts, and the fact is that Mackenzie gets a whole lot of attention.

Right now, she has to be going through a hard time, what with Ryan being in jail again.

But she recently spilled her guts on Instagram Live video, and honestly, things sound worse than we ever imagined ...

1. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious
Can you imagine what it must be like to be Mackenzie Standifer? Like, can you even really imagine it?

2. One Crazy Ride

One Crazy Ride
She just turned 22, and while most people her age are bar-hopping or fresh out of college or, you know, still pretty much kids, she just had her second child with her second husband, who also happens to be a heroin addict reality star.

3. No Thanks

No Thanks
Think of the person you were at 22, then imagine that person in Mackenzie's situation. It's just too much, right?

4. Nope Nope Nope

Nope Nope Nope
She got pregnant when she was in high school, married the baby's father at 17, got divorced a couple of years later, then met Ryan and got engaged to him after just months of dating.

5. Too Fast

Too Fast
They got married a few months later, and then he went straight to rehab, because oops, it turned out he'd been on heroin. He left rehab early, and he and Mackenzie went right back to pretending that everything was totally fine.

6. Spoiler:

It was not fine.

7. Come On, Ryan

Come On, Ryan
Within weeks (at most) of checking out of rehab, Ryan was hitting up girls on Tinder, sending dick pics and trying to arrange hookups.

8. Why Though

Why Though
Still, Mackenzie stood by him, and she even had another wedding with him.

9. Whoa There

Whoa There
She also got pregnant.

10. What a Guy

What a Guy
Then he started getting arrested -- in March of last year, he was arrested for violating probation that he'd been on from an arrest the year before. It's a little confusing, but just know that it was all because of heroin.

11. And Again

And Again
In July, he was arrested for violating his probation again, this time because he got a speeding ticket and failed to complete his community service.

12. Making Good Choices?

Making Good Choices?
He stayed in jail for a good few days for that one, and when he was released, he made the decision to head back to rehab and to actually try to take it seriously.

13. Awww

He stayed in treatment for 90 days, which was great, but unfortunately it meant that he missed the birth of Jagger, his first child with Mackenzie.

14. The Happy (???) Family

The Happy (???) Family
He was able to get home to his family before Christmas, which was nice, but the niceness didn't last for long

15. RYAN

Because in January, he was arrested for heroin possession and for theft -- he reportedly skipped out on a bar tab.

16. It's for the Best

It's for the Best
Since he just can't stop getting into trouble, he was denied bail, so he's been in jail since then. He'll stay at least until April, which is when his court date is scheduled.

17. What a Mess

What a Mess
Mackenzie has to be sick of all of this, right? She has to be realizing that things keep getting worse and worse, and that at this point, it's clear that Ryan doesn't want to get better.

18. Honey ...

Honey ...
Nope. She's still standing by her man, making excuses for his actions and pretending that everything is really just completely fine.

19. Good Ol' Instagram

Good Ol' Instagram
A few days ago, she took to Instagram to do a live video with her followers so that she could answer all sorts of questions they had.

20. Oh No ...

Oh No ...
And listen ... it was a disaster.

21. Is That ... That's Not ... No

Is That ... That's Not ... No
To get an idea of how bananas the whole thing was, at one point she tried to say Ryan is in jail right now because they decided he should be.

22. No

“It was a decision we made together,” she explained. “To have him go to jail and then just be off probation for good…It was the smartest decision that could have been made. Otherwise, it’s a revolving door that you never get out of the system.”

23. Why, Mack?

Why, Mack?
That's not what's happening at all -- he's in jail because he couldn't get out on bail because he hasn't been able to stop getting arrested. Everyone gets that, right?

24. Oh Well

Oh Well
Let's carry on.

25. Hooray!

Elsewhere in the video, Mackenzie revealed that she and Ryan will be back when Teen Mom OG comes back, saying “We are filming for this season, we filmed a bunch of episodes thus far."

26. Dang It, Maci

Dang It, Maci
He didn't appear last season because, according to several reports, Maci didn't want Bentley to be able to see his dad in the state he was in, but obviously something changed, because "Ryan’s not off the show" anymore.

27. Dang It, MTV

Dang It, MTV
She's not exactly happy about being back on the show though -- “They make it very hard to walk away just because your contract is tricky,” she complained. “You’re basically signing your life away. Your contract is basically a trap…you can’t get out.”

28. Weird!

She said that according to her contract, the Teen Mom crew can come into her home anytime they want, even if she's not around and even if she doesn't know they're coming, and that they're allowed to hide cameras anywhere they see fit.

29. Crazy, Indeed

Crazy, Indeed
“It sounds so fake and crazy but it’s real,” Mack told her followers. “It’s not a one-year contract either. It’s open-ended, so good luck trying to leave. There’s not an end date.”

30. Rude!

As for the show's producers, she called them "very big instigators," but she also said that "This season, I just don’t care anymore. If I don’t want to talk about something, I’m not going to just because they ask me to.”

31. Uh ...

Uh ...
As for Ryan's most recent arrest, the thing with the bar tab, she claimed “I had the charges on my credit card from where it was paid that day. It’s not that big of a deal. It was paid that day. The charges were dropped Monday, February 4 at 9 a.m.”

32. A Mystery

A Mystery
Lots of people asked her why he's still in jail, if those charges were dropped, but she didn't have an answer for that. (Hint: it's probably because of heroin.)

33. Working on It

Working on It
Mackenzie said that one "misconception" that a lot of people have is that “Just because I don’t say some of this on TV doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been addressed, or that Ryan and I aren’t taking steps together to do what we need to do."

34. A Lot of Crap

A Lot of Crap
“You deal with your crap at home,” she continued. “That’s how I was raised, and that’s how I’m going to be. I’m not going to publicly humiliate him. That does not work and I believe that’s so disrespectful to do that."

35. Exploitation

“Who cares if we are part of MTV or not? Everything does not need to be public. Just because you sign a contract with MTV doesn’t mean they get to know everything about your life…I’m here to help him and not exploit him.”

36. Just a Job

Just a Job
She insisted that the Teen Mom thing doesn't affect their marriage at all because “We both understand it’s a job that we both do and our family benefits from it, and if that’s what they want to do, it’s fine. You can’t blame a TV show for your relationship."

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