Jeremy Calvert: MTV Can GET F--KED, I'm Done with Teen Mom!

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So Jeremy Calvert has always had a bit of a problem with MTV.

They usually portray him as kind of a douchebag on Teen Mom 2, and he really doesn't appreciate it.

But when they try to make him look like a deadbeat dad, that's when he gets really upset.

And boy, is he furious right now ...

1. Oh, Jeremy ...

Oh, Jeremy ...
Jeremy is different than many of his fellow Teen Mom cast members in that he actually has a real job apart from the show.

2. Right, Right

Right, Right
Jeremy is a pipeline engineer.

3. Making That Money

Making That Money
That means that he travels a ton to work on pipes all across the land, and that he makes a great big salary for doing so.

4. But Wait

But Wait
He always says that he loves his job, so it's a pretty great setup all around, except for one thing: Addie.

5. Addie!

Yep, Jeremy shares a daughter, Addie, with ex-wife Leah Messer, and Addie lives with Leah in West Virginia.

6. Awww

See where the problem is?

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