Jeremy Calvert: MTV Can GET F--KED, I'm Done with Teen Mom!

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So Jeremy Calvert has always had a bit of a problem with MTV.

They usually portray him as kind of a douchebag on Teen Mom 2, and he really doesn't appreciate it.

But when they try to make him look like a deadbeat dad, that's when he gets really upset.

And boy, is he furious right now ...

1. Oh, Jeremy ...

Oh, Jeremy ...
Jeremy is different than many of his fellow Teen Mom cast members in that he actually has a real job apart from the show.

2. Right, Right

Right, Right
Jeremy is a pipeline engineer.

3. Making That Money

Making That Money
That means that he travels a ton to work on pipes all across the land, and that he makes a great big salary for doing so.

4. But Wait

But Wait
He always says that he loves his job, so it's a pretty great setup all around, except for one thing: Addie.

5. Addie!

Yep, Jeremy shares a daughter, Addie, with ex-wife Leah Messer, and Addie lives with Leah in West Virginia.

6. Awww

See where the problem is?

7. Pros and Cons, Huh?

Pros and Cons, Huh?
Jeremy is often gone for weeks at a time, maybe even months. He's rarely home, which means that he doesn't really seem to have a set schedule for visiting his kid.

8. The Struggle

The Struggle
And that's been a pretty regular storyline for Leah on Teen Mom 2.

9. Deadbeat Dad?

Deadbeat Dad?
On the show, it appears that he hardly sees Addie at all, and that he doesn't seem to broken up about it, either.

10. Hmmm

He doesn't call too often, he doesn't really ask Leah about how Addie's doing, and he places more importance on girlfriends than on her.

11. What a Monster

What a Monster
We've even seen Leah's family complain about him and how wrong it is for him to treat his daughter the way he does.

12. Ugh

And there's all sorts of other things about Jeremy that don't look so great on the show, either.

13. Why, Jeremy, Why?

Why, Jeremy, Why?
Remember when he didn't want Leah taking Addie on vacation to Mexico because he just didn't like the entire country? There's been plenty of ignorant moments like this.

14. Fair?

And he's always quick to call MTV out for making him look bad.

15. A Sensitive Subject

A Sensitive Subject
But he never gets as upset as he does when he looks like an absent father on TV.

16. So Much Heartache

So Much Heartache
Many of Leah's segments are about Ali's increasingly poor health and the fallout from that, but there's no denying that Jeremy's absence has come up pretty frequently, too.

17. Poor Baby

Poor Baby
In a recent episode, we saw Leah discuss how she was "worried" about Addie because Jeremy hasn't been spending time with her, even when he comes home.

18. Making the Best of It

Making the Best of It
She asked her if she missed her dad, then called him for her, but Jeremy couldn't talk for long because he was working, as always.

19. Bittersweet

When the call was over, Addie said that she was glad that she got to speak with him, but she wanted to know when she'd be able to see him.

20. So Sad

So Sad
"He always has to go to work," she complained.

21. Dang It, Jeremy

Dang It, Jeremy
Leah was obviously troubled by the whole thing -- she really does seem to have a big problem with how often Jeremy sees their daughter.

22. Nope

But Jeremy is not having it.

23. Rant Time

Rant Time
Early this morning, he took to his Instagram story to post a length rant. He kicked things off by writing "Ok screw this. I call my child alot more then what's showed on this bs show, so MTV editing can kiss my white ass I don't need to lick their ass for my paycheck."

24. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
Solid start, right? It only gets better.


"I have a normal f-cking career WORKING not shooting out kids to make it more exciting. So here's to you MTV," he wrote, adding some middle finger emojis. "Blow me !!!!!! Dont like get f-cked."

26. Catch 22

Catch 22
"Here's another catch 22," he continued, "what about when the MTV crew is filming leah, myself or Corey, hmm they have families and kids and working away from home OMG they should quit and work at Wendy's."

27. It's a Shocker for Sure

It's a Shocker for Sure
"Damn sure don't see them doing that go figure but want to make me out to be a horrible... shocker."

28. Pocket Change

Pocket Change
He then brought up the fact that Teen Mom isn't his main source of income by saying "Idk when MTV is going to realize I dont need the play money they send me, is f-cking pocket change at this point."

29. Proud

"I love my job and my career it's something to be proud of and the family I have at work," he wrote. "People and MTV have no idea until u live it."

30. Make It Great

Make It Great
"Working people make this country great. Not a bullsh-t TV show ..."

31. Watch It!

Watch It!
He then tagged the MTV and Teen Mom Instagram accounts and told them to watch his story because "you will love it."

32. Sure, Buddy

Sure, Buddy
"Also make sure you have them city boy skinny Jean's on nice and tight," he added. "If u get butt hurt zero f-cks given."

33. P.S.

He finished things off with a P.S. that read "Tired of f-cking around and getting sh-t on and people getting into my family business."

34. What a Conundrum

What a Conundrum
So he's a little bit right in that he doesn't really need the Teen Mom paycheck like some of the other cast members do since he has a different career, and he could quit at any time, or he could at least refuse to sign a new contract.

35. But Also ...

But Also ...
On the other hand, Leah was already on the show when she met Jeremy, and he married her and had a kid with her anyway. What did he think was going to happen?

36. Come On

Come On
Like, if you get upset about "people getting into my family business," reality television is a weird move.

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