Mackenzie McKee: Back with Her Husband ALREADY?!

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If you've been keeping up with Mackenzie McKee, then you know her marriage hasn't been going well lately.

It's been going so badly, in fact, that she's getting a divorce.

Mackenzie has said a lot about how everything's been going, her reasoning behind the split, all sorts of things.

But thanks to these new photos she just shared, we're starting to wonder if the split is even happening at all anymore ...

1. So Much History

So Much History
Mackenzie and Josh have been together for a long time -- they welcomed their first child in September of 2011 when they were both very young.

2. Memories

They got married in 2013, had their second child in 2014, and their third in 2016.

3. What's Been Happening?

What's Been Happening?
While Mackenzie is on Teen Mom OG now, she wasn't on TV at all for most of all that -- she had her 16 and Pregnant episode, the one season of Teen Mom 3, and then not much at all until MTV picked her back up recently.

4. Hmm

So while we know oodles and oodles of information about all the other Teen Mom couples, we only know bits and pieces about the McKee marriage.

5. Real Talk

Real Talk
And what we have heard over the years ... well, it's not great.

6. Ouch

Remember when Mackenzie had postpartum depression after giving birth to her last child? She said then that she was suicidal, and that Josh had told her "Go kill yourself, but don’t do it in front of me and the kids."

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