Leah Messer: Shilling For Shady Diet Products to Support New Cult Lifestyle?

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Leah Messer might not be as widely despised Jenelle Evans or Farrah Abraham, but recent events in her life have made her drop a few pegs in popularity among the stars of the Teen Mom franchise.

As you may have heard, Leah has joined a cult.

Obviously, it doesn't describe itself as a cult. No cult would say that. But there's strong evidence that this is very much what it is.

She's accused of recruiting fans to join the "program," which seems to designed to separate gullible people from their money.

With all that bad press, you might think Leah wouldn't kick off the new year by trying to sell her fans a controversial diet plan.

But remarkably, that's exactly what she's done.

Strange times we are living in. Take a look:

1. Doing the Work

Doing the Work
Apparently, Leah Messer doesn't know how to read the room. Already under fire for her involvement with an alleged cult, Leah is now trying to sell suspicious weight loss plans to her Instagram followers.

2. The Sell-Out

The Sell-Out
Leah has become the latest Teen Mom to shill for the Flat Tummy Tea company. Does their stuff actually work? Almost certainly not, but at least they can afford influential celebrity spokespersons!

3. Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content
"#ad I’m startin the new year off with @flattummyapp to make sure I stick to my resolutions this time around," Leash captioned the photo. "This year’s all about healthy habits, and this app had everythinggg you need."

4. Really Selling It

Really Selling It
"450+ equipment free workouts that will kick your butt AND 750+ healthy recipes that will make eating clean breeze… what are you waiting for!? Right now when you download the 12 Month Plan you get 6 months FREE," Messer continued.

5. Roasted

Reactions to the post were overwhelmingly negative, with many commenters vowing to unfollow Leah as a result of her latest partnership.

6. Peddling Poison?

Peddling Poison?
Some fans took issue with the product itself, such as the one who wrote, “Don’t advertise this to anyone especially younger viewers it’s so unhealthy and unregulated,”

7. Leah the Liar?

Leah the Liar?
Others called Leah out for her perceived dishonesty. “Please remove this. It is contributing to twisted diet culture, we all know you don’t actually use it, and it doesn’t work," one follower wrote. "Stop using your platform of ‘body love’ to push toxic diet culture.”

8. Losing Appeal

Losing Appeal
And then there were the dozen or so former fans that responded with every influencer's least-favorite word, "unfollowed."

9. A Baffling Decision

A Baffling Decision
We think it goes without saying that Leah didn't write the caption herself and is merely regurgitating ad copy. The question is -- why?

10. Stacking Funds

Stacking Funds
After all, for several years now, Leah has been earning high six-figures for her work on Teen Mom 2.

11. Seems to Be Doing Fine

Seems to Be Doing Fine
She takes lavish vacations with friend Kailyn Lowry om a regular basis. Last summer the friends spent a month in Hawaii with their kids.

12. What Is She Doing?

What Is She Doing?
On top of that, with more than 2 million Instagram followers, Leah could certainly land a more reputable sponsor than Flat Tummy, a brand that's been universally derided for its allegedly unsafe products.

13. New Expenses

New Expenses
So why would Messer risk her reputation to make a quick buck with a seriously shady company? Well, the answer might lie in her involvement with Mastery in Transformational Training.

14. Drinking the Kool-Aid

Drinking the Kool-Aid
Call it a support group, or call it a cult. However you describe it, Leah is in deep with MITT. And her level of involvement doesn't come cheap.

15. Spreading the Word

Spreading the Word
Leah first revealed her involvement back in October with a series of weird tweets in which she attempted to recruit A-list celebrities into MITT

16. Cult Life

Cult Life
“A powerful, strong, trusting force we are,” she captioned this photo of herself and her fellow followers. “I love each and every single one of you!! You can count on my word! Each one of you have changed my life and we will forever be connected!! I AM A POWERFUL, CONNECTED, INSPIRATIONAL LEADER! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!”

17. Getting Desperate

Getting Desperate
Last month, Leah launched a campaign to recruit new members, possibly in an effort to defray her own membership costs (cults tend to operate a lot like pyramid schemes).

18. Yikes

The situation got so bad that Kailyn Lowry felt the need to intervene before Leah convinced a bunch of vulnerable moms to pour their life savings into MITT.

19. Her Recruiting Days Are Over

Her Recruiting Days Are Over
Remarkably, Kail and Leah are still friends, but after that debacle, it's safe to say Kail won't be doing much more recruiting.

20. Hustling Hard

Hustling Hard
So has Leah switched to selling diet tea in order to support her cult lifestyle?

21. Find a Better Scam

Find a Better Scam
We can't say for certain. But it's safe to say that no one will be buying her tea as long as she's still sipping the Kool-Aid.

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