Leah Messer: Already In Love With New Costa Rican Boyfriend?

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Leah Messer is no fan of the single life.

Leah has been divorced twice, and she's usually pretty quick to move right into a new relationship after a breakup.

Just a few weeks ago, it looked as though Messer was on the verge of getting back together with Jeremy Calvert.

Unfortunately, the relationship quickly fizzled -- but Leah didn't waste any time grieving about it.

Instead, she followed in her sister's footsteps and moved on with a new dude from an exotic locale.

Take a look:

1. Moving On

Moving On
Leah Messer has already moved on from Jeremy Calvert. And she's making no effort to hide her latest relationship.

2. A Tough Decision

A Tough Decision
For a while there, it looked as though Leah and Jeremy were on the verge of a reconciliation, but it seems Messer decided the continual back-and-forth might be confusing for their daughter.

3. Done For Now

Done For Now
So maybe they'll give it another try someday. But for now, Adalynn's parents have gone their separate ways.

4. Skipping the Country

Skipping the Country
And the direction that Leah decided to go in is way, way south.

5. The Trip Takers

The Trip Takers
Leah and her sister, Victoria, have now taken several trips to Costa Rica together. Of course, there's good reason for that.

6. The Ultimate Souvenir

The Ultimate Souvenir
During their first trip to the Central American nation, Victoria made the acquaintance of a young man whom she'll never forget.

7. Big Whoops

Big Whoops
That's because she realized soon after arriving home that she's pregnant with the dude's baby.

8. Flip-Flopper

At first, Leah was upset with her sister for being so reckless. But these days, she's had a change of heart about the situation.

9. But There's More ...

But There's More ...
For one thing, Leah is excited about the prospect of adding another niece or nephew to her ever-growing family.

10. Bonus

On top of that, she's thrilled to have an excuse to keep returning to Costa Rica, as she's now dating a friend of Victoria's baby daddy.

11. Making It Official

Making It Official
The big reveal was made during last week's Teen Mom 2 reunion special.

12. Two Connections

Two Connections
"Victoria wasn't the only one who made a connection in Costa Rica, Leah also made a connect with Royer's friend Adan," co-host Nessa said at one point.

13. Joining In

Joining In
At that point, Royer (Victoria's baby daddy) and Adan (Leah's new boo) joined the conversation via Skype.

14. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
"Did you know right away that you had a special connection?" Nessa asked. Adan (left) replied, "Yeah, we are really good friends though. I can say that we have a great connection."

15. Just Friends?

Just Friends?
Adan may have used the word "friends" but additional comments -- and the smile on his face -- led many viewers to conclude that he and Leah are something more.

16. Big Praise

Big Praise
"I'm really proud of her. I heard a lot about her life, I'm super proud of her. I think she's a great person," Adan gushed about Leah.

17. Friends Parting Ways

Friends Parting Ways
Unlike Royer, who will soon be in the US on a visa sponsored by Leah, Royer is staying put in Costa Rica for now.

18. A Bright Future

A Bright Future
But that doesn't mean he and Leah will be calling it quits anytime soon. When Dr. Drew pressed Messer on what's next, she made it clear she's hoping to make this thing work.

19. Making It Work

Making It Work
"We're going to continue being friends," she answered. "I'm going to continue to hang out with him in Costa Rica!"

20. Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship
It might be a while before these two make it official, but something tells us you'll be seeing more of Adan in the very near future.

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