Lala Kent: Which FEMALE Vanderpump Co-Star Did She Bone?!

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Lala Kent is a late addition to the Vanderpump Rules cast, but unlike other recent attempts to mix some new blood into the potent sangria that is the staff at SUR (We're looking at you, Billie Lee!), Lala has been embraced by both co-stars and viewers.

One of the reasons for Lala's popularity is the fact that for the most part, she's more candid and forthcoming than most reality stars.

We say "for the most part" because Kent kept her relationship with Randall Emmett under wraps for over a year.

But now that that's out in the open, Lala is back to telling it like it is.

And #PumpRules Twitter is abuzz today following the revelation that Kent hooked up with one of her female castmates.

Take a look:

1. Give Them Lala

Give Them Lala
Lala is the most recent addition to the full-time Vanderpump cast, and while she's no slouch when it comes to creating drama, she's also proven to be one of the most likable members of the SUR staff.

2. A Hard Road

A Hard Road
Of course, it wasn't always this way. In fact, Lala had an extraordinarily difficult time winning over some of her female castmates.

3. Tequila Katie

Katie Maloney, in particular seemed to object to Lala's presence.

4. Making It Work

Making It Work
But in time, Lala won over the ladies of SUR.

5. Frenemies No More

Frenemies No More
These days, Lala and her new BFFs participate in all sorts of bonding activities together, from getting piercings to doing battle with the nefarious shaved ferret that is James Kennedy.

6. Sidepiece No More

Sidepiece No More
And despite many predictions to the contrary, Kent has even made the difficult transition from sidepiece to main piece, scoring an engagement ring from her former sugar daddy.

7. Enough to Go Around

Enough to Go Around
Everything's coming up Lala, and everyone wants a piece of SUR's most popular hostess, including -- it seems -- her female co-stars.

8. Spilling the Tea

Spilling the Tea
In a recent interview with podcast host Justin Sylvester, Lala revealed that she once hooked up with one of her female co-stars.

9. Dude-less

"I heard a rumor that you had a secret liaison with another member of the Vanderpump crew and it wasn't a dude," Sylvester said.

10. Playing Coy

Playing Coy
"Yes, I won't say who," Lala replied.

11. Promotional Tea

Promotional Tea
Lala's reason for keeping the name a secret is not so she can protect her partner's identity, but because she doesn't want to leak any Vanderpump spoilers.

12. Keep Watching

Keep Watching
"You want me to spill the tea when I can't spill the tea because you have to watch 'Vanderpump Rules' season 7 baby," Lala continued, revealing that the identity of her lady pond partner will be revealed this season.

13. Who Could It Be?

Naturally, speculation about the castmate's identity has been running wild. And we think we may have this one figured out.

14. Process of Elimination

Process of Elimination
Let's start by winnowing this group down like we're playing Who's Who.

15. Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney
While it would be amusing if Katie went from Lala's biggest hater to her scissor sister, it's just not possible.

16. The Timing

The Timing
Lala says the hookup occurred before she was cast on the show (a time when Katie still hated her), and Maloney has been with Tom Schwartz for a very long time.

17. Stassi Schroeder

Stassi Schroeder
Again, this would be amusing, but we're afraid not.

18. Wifed Up

Wifed Up
Stassi's the monogamous type, and she's been in one serious relationship or another throughout the show's entire run. On top of that, she and Lala simply aren't that close.

19. Brittany Cartwright

Brittany Cartwright
Again, hard "no" on this one.

20. Strictly ...

Strictly ...
Not only has Brit affirmed that she's "strictly dickly" in her sexual preferences on numerous occasions, she's only on the show because of her relationship with Jax Taylor -- and we doubt she'd mess that up.

21. Ariana Madix

Ariana Madix
Now we're getting somewhere. This one remains a possibility, but we're gonna go out on a limb and say she's not the culprit.

22. Not Interested

Not Interested
While we wouldn't be surprised if Ariana has hooked up with some lady friends in the past, she says she's virtually asexual these days, so we doubt she's gone down that road recently.

23. Scheana Marie

Scheana Marie
Now this guess is good as gold. Scheana is single, and she and Lala have been friends for years. We're not saying it's 100 percent Scheana, but if you're the gambling type and you find a bookie taking wagers on past Vanderpump Rules hookups, this is the way to go.

24. Returning to the Lady Pond

Returning to the Lady Pond
Asked if she'll ever again get busy with one of her female friends, Lala said, "Here's the thing, I'm very much into the peepee that boys have. I like the dick," she said. "But I've had two relations with chicks and I'm usually pretty gone with the drink and it's not my most favorite thing, but I've done it."

25. Leaving Her Options Open

Leaving Her Options Open
"I don't think I'll do it again. I like Randall and that part of my life," she continued, not quite closing the door on future same-sex dalliances. "But yeah, Lala had fun back in the day. Before she was locked down, she was like let's live it up!" Something tells us Randall would be cool with it.

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