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Now that we’re on Season 7, Episode 13, it’s easier to see which 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever Couples? are doomed. And which ones might make it.

Kimberly and Usman received a rude awakening. Multiple parts of his family’s “contract” for them will clash with the K-1 visa.

While Angela continues to blame Michael for her behavior, she reluctantly agrees to couples counseling. But last time didn’t go so well.

After Bilal insulted Shaeeda’s best friend, he now wants an apology from her. Meanwhile, Eutris just wants to make sure that this marriage won’t ruin Shaeeda’s life.

Big Ed brings Liz to his hometown. But these interactions with his family could make or break their latest attempt at an engagement.

Elizabeth and Andrei sit down with her sisters after blindsiding them with a pregnancy announcement on Instagram. Things get very, very ugly.

Jovi continues to worry about how much Yara’s mom is influencing her. But Yara just wishes that he’d trust her to make up her own mind.