Kailyn Lowry: I Still Love Chris Lopez!!!!!

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According to various reports, Kailyn Lowry got into a fight of some kind with Briana DeJesus at the taping for this season's Teen Mom2 reunion.

But according to a new report, Kailyn Lowry wants to make love, not war.

Specifically, she wants to make love to ex-boyfriend and recent baby daddy Chris Lopez!

For real, people!

In the following rundown, we quote someone who was in attendance at this reunion and who told The Ashley that Kailyn came right out and admitted she still has strong feeling for Lopez.

Shocking, right?

Learn lots more below about this admission below...

1. The Reunion to End ALL Reunions!

The Reunion to End ALL Reunions!
Numerous outlets have reported on the filming of this reunion, which did not include Jenelle Evans (out of protest), but which did supposedly include a run-in between Kailyn and Brittany DeJesus. Things got intense.

2. They Also Got Candid

They Also Got Candid
We've written plenty about Kailyn and one of her rivals going at it on stage, but Lowry reportedly told Dr. Drew that she still pines for the guy with whom she used to go at it in bed: Chris Lopez.

3. Wait... HIM?

Wait... HIM?
Yes, him. Lopez is the father of Kailyn's third child, but the two were never really in a committed relationship. They seemingly just had casual sex a few times, one of which led to Lowry's pregnancy.

4. And Yet...

And Yet...
"She was blubbering, saying that she can't help it and that she still loves [Chris]," the aforementioned audience member said of Lowry on the reunion stage,. "Dr. Drew was staring at her like, 'WTF is wrong with you?'"

5. That's a Fair Question

That's a Fair Question
As we said, Kailyn and Chris were never even really an item. Moreover, Lowry has accused Lopez numerous times of being a deadbeat dad.

6. Are Chris and Kailyn Even on Good Terms?

Are Chris and Kailyn Even on Good Terms?
Not the last time we checked. Lowry semi-recently scolded Lopez for only being an "Instagram parent" because he shared a photo of their child, to which he shot back: "Buuuut a person who literally made a living off of putting their kids on tv and social media but hey who am I to talk. Honestly not worth my time lol."

7. And Yet Still...

And Yet Still...
"Kail said that she used to be a lot like Javi is, sort of like a love addict who jumped from relationship to relationship," the audience member continued. "Then she said she’s been single for about nine months, yet she’s still in love with Chris."

8. Dr. Drew Had Questions

Dr. Drew Had Questions
This source said Lowry cried on stage and that Dr. Drew attempted to talk some sense into her, bringing up the fact that Lowry's relationship with Chris had never made her very happy, even mentioning accusations that Chris got physical with Kailyn at one point.

9. Did He Really?

Did He Really?
Briana DeJesus started this pretty serious rumor. When a fan accused Briana of talking trash about Kailyn in front of her children, DeJesus replied:"I wasn't talking s--t and shut the f--k up cause she gets beat the f--k up by Chris in front of her kids, goodbye."

10. Lopez Responded to This Accusation

Lopez Responded to This Accusation
"1 more thing lol I NEVER beat my BM," Lopez tweeted just hours after Briana posted her accusation. This was 1. An odd time to use the acronym "LOL" and 2. A hilarious way of referring to his Baby Mama.

11. What is Love?!?

What is Love?!?
"Dr. Drew told Kail, 'That’s not love!' but she disagreed with him," this witness explained. "She said her feelings for Chris are different than the ones she's had for anyone else and that she didn't need to hear Dr. Drew's speech about how she shouldn't love him."

12. Forget the Assault Allegations

Forget the Assault Allegations
We're inclined to belief Lopez's denial. However, on a past episode of Teen Mom 2, Lowry said the following about her ex: "He cheated on me my whole pregnancy. The things I went through all the way leading up to having [Lux] is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy."

13. That Was Then. What About Now?

That Was Then. What About Now?
On an installment of her podcast, Lowry did admit that she spent Mother's Day with Lopez. They're on decent terms these days, we guess.

14. She Also Said the Following:

She Also Said the Following:
"I don’t believe in true love…since Chris. Ireally thought Chris and I were…I would have done anything for him." So it DOES sound like the feelings were real at some point.

15. Oh, One More Thing:

Oh, One More Thing:
Lowry also reportedly said at the Teen Mom 2 reunion that she hooked up with Javi Marroquin in the year 2018, after he split from Briana DeJesus.

16. When Does This Reunion Air?!?!?

When Does This Reunion Air?!?!?
We're not certain. But we'll be tuning in, with lots of popcorn at the ready.

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