Jordin Tootoo Gives Kid Hockey Stick: See the GIFs!

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Check out these GIFs to see hockey player Jordin Tootoo make the life of a young fan.

1. Jordin Tootoo Meets Fan

Jordin Tootoo Meets Fan
Jordin Tootoo runs into a young fan in this GIF. He ends up giving the kid his stick.

2. Here, Kid

Here, Kid
Jordin Tootoo makes this fan's young life in this GIF. The hockey player gives him his stick.

3. Happy Hockey Fan

Happy Hockey Fan
This may be the happiest kid in the world. Hockey player Jordin Tootoo just handed over his stick.

4. I Got a Stick!

I Got a Stick!
Courtesy of hockey player Jordin Tootoo, this young fan now has a stick of his own. Hooray!

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